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Governor’s 2011-13 Capital Budget Would Fund Odegaard Undergraduate Learning Center Renovation

The Governor’s 2011-13 proposed Capital Budget includes $19.5 million in state building construction funds for a renovation to the Odegaard Undergraduate Learning Center. In addition, the Governor appropriates UW student-generated building fee funds for a variety of projects, including a $4.8 million High Voltage Infrastructure Improvement Project and $25.8 million for preventive maintenance and building repairs.

This Governor’s Capital Budget is the first of many we will see out of Olympia during the upcoming legislative session. Session starts on Monday, January 10, 2011.

A full briefing on the Governor’s proposed 2011-13 Capital Budget is available on our website.

Happy Holidays from the editors of OPBlog! We will be taking a few days off, but will return in full force next week.


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