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  • Take the pretest. After creating a user account, you will be directed to take a course pretest. Follow the instructions to take and submit the test.
  • Read the online course materials. The course content is broken down into the following six modules:
    • Case Presentation
    • Recognition & Assessment
    • Acute Poisoning
    • Reporting, Public Health & Regulation
    • Chronic Health Implications
    • Prevention

    All test question answers are provided in the main body of these modules. Links to supporting materials are provided in blue. Accessing these supplemental materials, the resources or references is not necessary to complete the course.

    The course content can be read in one or many sittings. To resume taking the course, simply return to the course website and use the navigation menu on the upper left of the screen to find where you left off. After reading all of the course materials, you will be prompted to log in using using your user account information before proceeding to the posttest.

  • Take the posttest and course evaluation. When you are done reading the course materials, you will be directed to take a course posttest and evaluation. You must re-enter your login ID and password to proceed. Follow the instructions to complete and submit these materials.
  • See how well you did. After successfully submitting your course evaluation, you will be given feedback about your test performance. Questions missed on the posttest, as well scores for both the pretest and posttest, will be provided. When you are done viewing this information, click ‘Next’.
  • Print your receipt & attendance verification forms. A screen containing your test scores and a link to a PDF attendance form will appear.

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