A web log, or blog, is an online journal that allows technological novices to create interactive posts online. To read a blog, a viewer need only know the web address (or URL) of the blog. For the Open Space Seattle 2100 project, that blog address is http://open2100.blogspot.com.

Taking “blogging” to the next level, you can use a blog aggregator to quickly view new entries from several blogs in a central location. There are many free services available that act as weblog aggregators including gmail, bloglines and others. This is a great way to quickly scan headlines to see if there are interesting topics that you might want to review indepth.

Once you are a member of one of these services, simple add the URL to your list of “feeds” to be constantly updated as new posts are added to the blogs.

Some popular blogs that subscribers to the open2100 blog might also enjoy include:


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