Here is a video I created last spring for The Fab Show at The Esther M. Klein Art Gallery last May.  We sent this video, along with our printed work, to help explain the process and the spirit of the Solheim Lab to the gallery audience. – Meghan Trainor


4 Comments on Printing Ceramic on YouTube

  1. Joshua Johnson says:

    This is awsome!!! what a great medium.. How about a primer for the Rep-Rap Fab at Home Crowd?


    • admin says:

      Josh, I’ve seen a few posts on Rep-Rep forum about folks interested in 3DP. You will need hardware for 3DP which is different than
      Rep-Rap. You can either purchase commercial hardware off of the internet auction sites OR build you own. If you are interested in
      building you own then I suggest by Alvaro M. Fogassa OR look for a group called “DIY 3D Printing”.
      Both places have really good information. You also might look at Shapeways Blogs and Forums.

      For now, we will stay with material/binder systems as we have some unique skills in that arena.

  2. Maggy Rond says:

    the female voice is very hard to understand, it’s like someone filtered out all the high and low frequencies. Besides that she is talking way too fast for non native English speakers. Can somebody please write a transcription?

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