ganter on November 6, 2009

In a effort to find supplies used in the Vitraglyphic process, we have been looking for more companies to supply  “powdered” glass.    The Bullseye Glass company responded to a request for a sample of fine powdered glass.   It was refreshing to have someone ask “What micron size do you need?”. We took the glass and […]

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ganter on November 4, 2009

Since, the “little house” has been producing quite a bit of interest, we asked the creator/artist named Philippe Garenc ( to provide us a statement. “First I would like to thank the Solheim Lab for this philanthropic collaboration. As a former student of European Center for Research and Training in Glassworks (CERFAV,, I’m used […]

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ganter on November 1, 2009

We always seem to be searching for the next fun item to print (as a test part).   The trefoil shape has a rich history in our lab (dating back to the mid-90’s).    We looked around for a quick trefoil to print. After the first print, someone in the lab suggested that our pretzel needed some […]

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