Dear Readers,

We have successfully migrated to a new server and migrated all current content.   We will be posting material tomorrow.    Thanks for you patience.    …Open3DP  team

{We found a couple of bugs over the last few days and are working to fix them. If you find dead links, please let us know.}

5 Comments on We are up on a new server

  1. Matt says:

    Welcome back. I am looking forward to many new recipes, pictures, and text 😉

  2. ganter says:

    Thanks Matt, we’ll try to do our best.

  3. meghatron says:

    Transition went smoothly for me. Looking forward to posting new work this coming week.

  4. ganter says:

    We finally got slideshows working again. Yeah!

  5. admin says:

    Still killing bugs.

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