We received an invitation to the February Meeting of DorkBot — Seattle from Dominic Muren. All presentations were taped (link given below).

The most amazing things that I took away from this meeting was the energy and excitement of “the crowd” and the genuine desire to  make things.   Making things is a fundamental way that we as humans can connect to our world.  Can you remember when you last proudly said “I made that”?

February 2010 Dorkbot: FabLab

Presentations about 3D fabrication technologies

For the February meeting of dorkbot-sea, we will have presentations on the theme of fabrication — making things, 3D printing technologies, new trends in manufacturing, etc.


  • Dominic Muren: teaches Industrial Design and Design Studies at the University of Washington. His research focus is on novel methods of manufacture using flexible machinery and local materials to make modular, hackable products for richer, more resilient economies. He is editor of Humblefacture.com, a blog exploring the development of this new mode of manufacturing.
  • Willow Brugh: director of Jigsaw Renaissance, a Seattle maker space. She also organizes and moderates the Seattle H+ Discussion Group, is a participant at Hackerbot Labs, and just put in her application to UW’s law school.
  • Matt Westervelt: owner, Metrix Create:Space, a new makerspace on Capitol Hill. Ten years ago, he started the SeattleWireless.NET project, and co-created the FreeNetworks movement, both in an attempt to make IP networks less top down and distribute ownership throughout the communities that use them. Now he is focusing on more physical aspects of collaboration, and providing a space where you don’t DIY, you Do it with Others.

All of the presentations were taped and put up on Vimeo by christopher prosser.

Here’s the link to all the presentations – DorkBot Seattle February

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