We were very excited to be visited by Paul Mathieu and his Troupe from Vancouver, BC.   We have been working out the details since October 18, 2009.

Paul Mathieu has been teaching ceramics in the Faculty of Visual and Material Cultures at Emily Carr University, since 1996. His work in ceramics uses function and decoration as concepts to explore the specificity of ceramics within art and culture.

Over the last 3 years, he has been involved with a research/creation project which will investigate the interface between ceramics and computer technologies ultimately. He is working with a few research assistants on this project: (Micheal Johnson; Industrial Design graduate, Darinka Luz Aguirre; currently enrolled in 2nd year of Masters of Applied Arts, Hamza Vora; Industrial Design graduate, Jessica Butler currently enrolled in 2nd year of Masters of Applied Arts, Lorenzo Giuffrè; currently enrolled in 4th year Bachelor’s of Industrial Design).

Paul maintains a very detailed ceramics research resource site.

A few weeks ago Paul and a few assistants from Emily Carr University came to visit the Solheim Rapid Prototyping Lab to explore the lab’s ceramic printing process.   They had previously sent several sample 3D files which the lab had agreed to fabricate; The dymaxion bowl and the Klien bottle bowl.   During the visit, Paul was treated to the process of depowdering one of his team’s creations.

Detailed discussions took place of the available material systems and their application to art/sculture pieces. Systems training for adaptation of these materials systems for use the troupe’s equipment.

Klein Bowl

Picture shows 1/4 section of the Klein Bowl.

Paul and his troupe continued to the University of Washington’s Ceramics-Metal Annex (CMA) for a visit with Akio Takamori.  They viewed works in progress of some  Masters students from the Department  and the 3D4M  group.

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