Grant and Renuka have been working with a post-consumer recycled glass that is quite course (maybe 150-200 micron particles) but readily available at a low cost .   This glass doesn’t do very well with fine details (check out “A New Part for Testing Different Powders“).

I asked Grant to put a couple of Cubist Moai into one of their builds.


The results were quite good.   We then thought it would be fun to “flash fire” it (i.e fire at the maximum ramp rate possible) to 1400 deg F.   You see the green part on the right and the fired part on the left.     I asked about the cracks and learned later that the fired part was dropped just out of the kiln.    I dropped it again before this photo shoot  (breaking it) only to discover something very interesting.

The part looked like it had been deep fried or perhaps candy coated (a hard glassy candy coating) on the outside.   The glass had vitrified on the surface but just barely sinterred on the inside.    Interesting! A really unexpected result.

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