Trevor is one of our Mechanical Engineering students that has taken our RP classes and appears to truly enjoy the process of “create, design and build” which our lab seems to promote.

We have been hearing about this amazing vase that he has started, scrapped, and started again

The other day, he stopped in and proclaimed “I’ve uploaded the STL file to the build server!”.   “It’s really cool!”   “When can you guys build this?”    My response… “Let me show you how to run the machine. We’re kind of busy, how about building  your own parts?”

Here we see Trevor depowdering his most amazing vase.    According to Trevor, this vase uses every bit of SolidWorks skill that  he has (and perhaps a few more) including using splines on surfaces (for the vines and leaves).

It really is looking better the more he gets it depowdered.

Here’s the final result!   Ok, Trevor.  It’s pretty good (maybe even worth the wait).

Rumor has it that the vase is for someone special!  🙂

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