If you look at our formulas and our strategy, you will see that we put the adhesive in the powder and the “binder” is, in fact,  just a solvent.     While each new powder that we attempt in our lab goes through a set of tests for adhesive/binder compatibility, we have had great success with the sugar/malto-dextrin/wheat-dextrin combination.    Also, they are VERY low cost -> Bonus!  Malto-dextrin/wheat-dextrin really dissolve well and really like water (they are considered hygroscopic).

Therefore,  warning our powder/binder combination produce parts which are water soluble.   In fact,  a very small amount of water will cause the part to melt!

A brief demonstration:

Warm or Hot water is even worse.   Since Seattle is a city of coffee, PLEASE be careful with your hot coffee or tea if you are in the vicinity of your parts.

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