In a late breaking news story,  it appears that a company called “Microjet Technology Co., Ltd.”  has  a 3D printer for sale.   The details are a little bit vague.
“CometrueJet  (3D Printer)。 CometrueJet three-dimensional molding machine is a technology research to the world’s first to integrate its own nozzle technology with full-color 3D printer (3D Printer).
Use of system provided by the printing software will be created by CAD or the reverse scanning of 3D objects files to cut use of layers of gypsum-based composite powder stack, and print on the plastic, and then increase the intensity of Sato after the treatment agent or a gloss to quickly to produce physical prototypes.

Compared with the existing rapid prototyping machines, CometrueJet the advantage of forming speed, may be forming more complex shapes, better equipment and consumables cost, and technical service support and more convenient. CometrueJet can be widely used in personalized doll making, rapid prototyping, RP (Rapid Prototyping) and the terrain and building models and many other areas, in industrial design, architecture, spatial geographic information, art, entertainment, health, education, molding services, and other areas have a wide range of market value.”

A product brochure is available below:


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  1. carl dekker says:

    please send me technical specs on this machine

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