Late in 2009, the  good folks at Disseny HUB Barcelona (DHUB) contacted our team at the Solheim Rapid Prototyping Lab about participating in a future art and technology show “New scenarios in 3D design and production” running from 15 June 2010 until 29 May 2011.

We were pleased and excited to participate in this show.    The Solheim Rapid Prototyping Lab is co-Directed by Duane Storti and Mark Ganter.   With a little bit of encouragement, Duane agreed to design and produce something new especially for this show.

The work was designed using Mathematica and exported as an STL file.   It was printed in post-consumer recycled glass (note, this glass frit is a quite course which produces an interesting texture) using our VitraGlyphic process.

Artist Statement:

“As an engineer with a heavy emphasis on applied mathematics, I see great beauty in the mathematics that we use to describe our physical world. My artistic goal is to create physical embodiments of that mathematical beauty in forms that can be shared and appreciated by people regardless of their previous exposure to the underlying mathematics.”

{D. Storti – BesselonaJ – VitraGlyphic Glass}

{D. Storti – BesselonaJ – VitraGlyphic Glass}

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