Disseny HUB Barcelona (DHUB) contacted our team at the Solheim Rapid Prototyping Lab about participating in a future art and technology show “New scenarios in 3D design and production” running from 15 June 2010 until 29 May 2011.

We were pleased and excited to participate in this show.    The Solheim Rapid Prototyping Lab at the University of Washington is co-Directed by Duane Storti and Mark Ganter.   Mark agreed to provide a mixture of ceramic and Vitraglyphic glass 3DP objects depending on the work of his collaborators (Duane and Meghan).

Most of the work was designed using Mathematica and exported as an STL file.   It was printed either in Stoneware Ceramics  or Vitraglyphic Glass using our previously posted recipes and processes.

Artist Statement:

“I am a geometrician. I have always been interested in the study and creation of form and shape.

{M. Ganter – Mobius Strip – 3DP Stoneware Ceramic with Bronze Glaze}

The original Mobius Strip design was developed by Mark Ensz @ Sandia National Laboratory.

{M. Ganter – Ruffle Bowl – 3DP Stoneware Ceramic with Bronze Glaze Edge}

{M. Ganter – Enneper Minimal Surface – VitraGlyphic Glass}

We wish the team at DHUB well.

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