This is taken directly from the “Bits from Bytes” blog page.”

“Today we have been acquired by 3D Systems! BfB is a small company, and with that size comes great flexibility: we can effect change here relatively quickly. Also, we can look after our customers at a personal level and with these things in mind it’s great to know that 3D Systems intend to maintain our position. From 3D Systems perspective we are an innovative centre detached from their core business. So our style of working and what we work on won’t be changing: we’ll keep on designing and making affordable 3D printers that out-perform the competition.

As you can imagine, there’s a fairly big buzz in our company at the moment. The flip-side of being a small company is that some of our ideas can’t happen simply because we don’t have the resource. Now that 3D Systems are behind us, we can finally put those ideas into practice. These improvements will benefit our existing customers with firmware upgrades, new operating software and mechanical kits – all towards improving printing performance and the customers’ experience. Here’s to an exciting future with 3D Systems! “

We think is a great example of a current additive manufacturing company looking out for the lower end of the market and not just selling $15-30K+ hardware.

3D System’s side of the story!

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