Aluminum Bronze casting fresh out of mold

Recently, at Solheim Lab, we sent a 3D printed mold printed in hydroperm off to Dave Feathers at Port Townsend Foundry.  The mold was placed in a greensand jacket and then poured in aluminum bronze.  The mold was not pre-heated, nor was it baked prior to pouring to push off all the moisture.  In spite of this, the results were quite impressive.   Head over to rpsculpt for more pics and info.

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  1. Hello,
    Nice to see that researches allways go farer. In the other side of Atlantic Ocean, we’re going to try it with our french common refractory investment called Hydracast (http://www.saintgobainformula......French.pdf)
    I hope it’s closed to Hydroperm

    • admin says:

      Philippe, Thanks for checking in again. It has been a while. We wish
      you great luck in the process. We need more groups experimenting with
      these materials. We have found over 35 different available high strength
      plasters (so far we have tested about 7 of them). Laura West’s group
      was the first to give these new materials a test. USG Hydroperm is working
      the best. What we find most interesting is post-processing by dunking in a
      bucket of water (to fully set the interior material).

      When making choices, look for materials with the lowest water ratios such
      that the printer can deliver the required amount of water.

      Please keep us posted.

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