For those of us who are continuing to ask the question “Where’s the software to
go with our new Additive Manufacturing system?”
After you bring home/assemble
your shiny new Additive Manufacturing system and you build all the parts on
Thingiverse (that you like) , where’s the easy to use software?

Please take a look at the group “Interactive Fabrication: New Interfaces for Digital Manufacturing”.

Plan to spend some quality time checking out their treats.   Their latest treat is called Beautiful Modeler.

{from the Interactive Fabrication Web site}

“Beautiful Modeler is a software tool for gestural sculpting using a multi-touch controller such as an iPad. Each finger is used to control a single touch point in the model, with multiple layers working to build up 3D volume. As the controller is connected over the wireless network, it can be moved freely to change the viewing angle of the model.”

Currently the model is constructed using metaballs, but this is just one approach for gestural input to be transformed into geometry. Beautiful Modeler and the Beautiful Controller were created using openFrameworks. The finished mesh can be exported as an STL file (thanks to ofxSTL).

This is very close to “What Wee need…”.    Thank you Interactive Fabrication!

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