As the year draws to a close, we see quite a few posting on blogs and news services heralding “2010 = the year of the 3D printer or personal 3D printer.”   We have a slightly different idea of what might be going on!   Yes, personal fabrication is clearly on the rise.   We thank all the individuals and groups that have given us this new future.   It is truly amazing!

It seems that one of the major fuels of the personal fabrication is the ability to find help when we need it or to offer help when we can.   In short, this is  the definition of collaboration or perhaps engagement .

Collaboration = the act of working with another or others on a joint project.

Engagement = a pledge; an obligation or agreement.

The willingness to help one another and share with one another without the requirement of being paid.   Perhaps it is just being acknowledged.   Maybe it is simply being thanked.

We believe that 2010 was the year of collaboration or engagement.



We congratulate all of you amazing tinkerers/designers/engineers/hackers/coders/ who have been willing to share!

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