Last week, DHUB in Barcelona was a gracious host of Mark Ganter and Professor Dr. Salvador Borrós of Institut Químic de Sarrià-Universitat Ramon Llull.  The event (“Materiality”) was the part of a series of lectures presented by the Fabrication Laboratory: Full Print3D.   Salvador’s  presentation was an overview of the material science/material engineering  issues in the arena of additive manufacturing.   Mark’s lecture detailed the events of the Solheim RP lab over the last year.

DHub has an amazing presentation of additive manufacturing artifacts from around the world.   Please consider checking it out.

DHub0 DHub1 DHub2 DHub3 DHub4 DHub5 DHub6 DHub7

Here’s a quick overview of our work from Mark Ganter, Duane Storti, and Meghan Trainor.

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