Ok, you were all thinking that we were going to announce that we were printing in pearl (or perhaps mother of pearl) which is known as Nacre. Gerald would be thrilled if we were to make such an announcement as he’s been requesting it as a build material for several years.  However, that’s not our story (sorry!).  As many of you of know Open3DP is part of a social-technology sharing experiment, as such, our team is always looking for new appropriate technologies.

Gerald Barnett since March 22 has been experimenting with Pearltrees as a way to organize information (specifically on Innovation).   Pearltrees offers is a systematic way to organize information that one finds on the web.   It is structured as a tree (perhaps stored in XML) and displayed as a radial tree graphic (see figure below).

If you’re like me, my web-browser bookmark list is several thousand items long without much structure (and rarely can I find what I bookmarked).   Pearltrees offer a possible solution to this problem in a new visually interesting way.   Check out Barnett’s Pearltree space.   If you like it, then you can “pick the pearls you like” to share with others on your tree.   Social information organization.   Interesting!


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