A Basic Recipe for Off Road Powder Printing
A used 400 class Z Corp printer (@ fine internet auction sites)
USG HydroPerm
Rice wine/Sake
Used BC-20 ink cartridges   (@ fine internet auction sites)

Clean up the used 400.  Add HydroPerm.  Fill the binder reservoir with rice wine.  Do not self-print (i.e., drink the sake binder) until the job is started.

Practice good equipment hygiene:  keep things very clean, don’t let stuff sit around in the machine, inspect and replace worn parts before they fail.  A growing off road community  or 402Group is available to help you maintain your machine, explore, and applaud your work.

Yield:  A fun time exploring new materials, helping others present their workinnovate for 3dp efficiency, design and fabricate, casting of all sorts, education and training, co-working with rapid prototyping, and with the right combinations of design and off-road powder and binder, printing really big stuff.

Value: Priceless

Off-roading with Terra Cotta

Off-roading with Terra Cotta

6 Comments on Off-Road Powdering!

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  2. Buddy Smith says:

    On another post, you say that rice wine is not good for a 400 class machine. Has that changed?

    I’m currently using XF1, but I’d love to go with something simpler out of the box!

    • ganter says:

      Buddy, Basically need water/alcohol solution between 12-16% and 5-10% glycol. Look at what’s in wine. Wine looks real similar to what’s needed but it will not be cheaper than XF1. If you don’t like food coloring, then use 5-10% glycol to replace it.

  3. Barfy says:

    I’m working on 3D powder printing materials, how can I join this group?

  4. red says:

    I looking for the software to startup,the Z402 printer..

    now is clean & ready to print ,but non soft ware.

    if some body are this soft ,a copy will be very nice .


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