WIP (Work-in-progress)… We’ve been working at recreating the results of the April’s Fool by systematically testing various mixtures of ceramics, glasses and fluxes at a variety of temperatures.

Seem like we’re making some progress.

Here’s an example of a glass-ceramic at two different mix ratios that both appear to have fired successfully.

Here’s the results of various temperature runs at two of the glass-ceramic mix ratios.

Looks like we could be printing in these materials soon ….

4 Comments on WIP: Glass-Ceramic Composites

  1. Sebastian says:

    What is the difference between all the samples? are you increasing the amount of binder?

    • ganter says:

      The differences are both the composition materials, and type of binder and firing schedules. We released a ceramic-glass composite system at SAMPE June 2014.

      • Sebastian says:

        But in one column, the difference between the crumbled samples and the solid samples is just the temperature?

        • ganter says:

          Sebastian, either temperature or hold time at a given temperature. Sorry I no longer have any data for that activity. I can tell you it is higher temperature on top (as you notice one of the ceramic samples is melted into the alumina boat).

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