On this past Friday, we had an open house at Open3DP’s labspace (also known as the Solheim Additive Manufacturing Lab).   The event was held in conjunction with the College of Engineering’s 50-year reunion for the Class of 1961. Since we were hosting for the class of 1961, we thought that we’d invite a few other friends.

What’s an open house without some parting gifts?

Marching Moais

One of our new students (Alex Gramling) gaves us a hand in 3D printing about 100 of  our cubist Moais.   It looked like a Moai army.

glass moai

Charlie Wyman also lent a hand to cast about 30 kiln cast glass Moai.

We would like to thank all of our visitors to taking the time to stop by and visit (we hope that you like your Moais).

Lastly, we wish all of you ghosts and gobblins (and general party go-ers), a Happy Halloween!


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