It’s been a crazy busy summer and early autumn.   Multiple student teams graduated at the end of the summer and are beginning the next phase of their life (we are thrilled to have interacted with these amazing designers).   Classes have resumed and we are watching a new crop of designers.   It is always interesting to watch them explore and interact with additive manufacturing (more of their work to come in the future).

First, some old business (way back to Bre on the Colbert Report), the Colbert data has been made widely available on Thingiverse.   We grabbed the data set and designed a mold for kiln casting glass and 3D printed it, but alas it sat on the shelf until classes resumed.  Well, we now have glass Colbert!

In the northwest, we take our salmon pretty seriously especially in the autumn when they are “running”.   Everywhere you look, one sees sport and commercial boats fishing salmon.   While many like fishing salmon, I’m happy eating them.   Charlie Wyman thought he would make a glass salmon (as a design sketch) to experiment with color placement and textures.

Charlie’s piece was produced by direct 3D printing in hydroperm and then kiln casting in glass. The results are quite amazing (almost good enough to eat).

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