Minimalism at its best.

The printrboard cost $129, comes with the board, a microUSB plug, and the promises of a smoothly running printer. I have run tests on the X,Y and Z axis, brought the extruder well beyond 220C and have no doubts it will exceed expectation on printing.

Printrboard- wired up and running

(only the middle two pins are necessary for the extruder)


The wiring diagram.

I haven’t bothered testing out the hot bed, because  there is little need for one during printing. That leaves 4-6 pins I can use for baking cookies… or whatever.  There are pins for a fan which may allow a simple transition to a frostruder. (Generally frostrusion runs on two solenoids.  Solenoid 1 thinks it is an Extruder and Solenoid 2 a fan). But more on that later.

Printrbot PDF…

That link will walk you through it. ( I would simplify it but it is still under development)

Installing Pronterface and Slic3r is a piece of cake compared to February-March 2012  No need to worry about pyglet, pyserial, pyreadline, etc.  It is three clicks and  you’re done standard install.


The program is choppy on Replicator 0027 but runs if you use the XML hack found here… and switch to the Baud rate 115200 (klimentkip/teacup)  This was tested for frostrusion purposes.

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5 Comments on Printrboard Wired up and ready to go

  1. Polytech says:

    I am curious, is this an Arduino at the core with motor shields built up in a different form factor? Or is this something completely unique? If Arduino, which board would you configure it as? Thanks!

  2. Polytech says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to look it up – never heard the name before. But the bottom line is that you configure and compile the Teacup firmware in Arduino IDE and load it up to the board (via the USB I guess), right?

  3. […] MINTEMP threshold error.  – This really feels like the extruder temperature probe isn’t properly hooked up. – Image of a correctly hooked up printrbot board. […]

    • bowman says:

      If you get a mintemp error, it is most likely a that the thermistor is not ready a temperature above extrusion 185C or 220C depending on the material. This was a problem with earlier versions of pronterface. Where it won’t allow you to drive the extruder motor if the thermistor is either not hooked up, or not already above minimum extrusion temperature. I believe this was a version 7-8 problem, and got fixed after version 8. Don’t quote me on that though it has all blurred together. Regardless an update should resolve the min temp error, download pronterface as a package from it is fully capable. If you download Pronterface piecewise it requires python 27 and pyreadline and whatever it is more cumbersome and buggy.

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