I was listening to the multi-platinum hit by F.M. Rogers’ and J.D. Boswell’s Garden of Your Mind while out for a walk in my neighborhood.   I was thinking about all the excitement that our WOOF team has had over the last few weeks.

{from Univ. of Toledo Gardening Home Page}

I feel lucky to interact with this amazing team of students (in fact all of our students).  They amaze me.

“Did you ever imagine things…”

“Did you ever imagine things… You’d like to have…”

3D Printing is a way to imagine things and to make them real.

We all create success by standing on the shoulders of others (in WOOF’s case the Fab@Home and RepRap communities).   Closer to home, WOOF wasn’t the first team to play with BIG RED.   There were several other teams that also produced amazing results.  Sometimes as an engineer or scientist is difficult to understand that all results  (positive or negative) are still results.  They all help to push the ball on the field.

Jason Brooks
Zack Chan
David Fung
Patrick Hannan
Thomas Horst
Jared Knutzen
Nicholas Lewis
David Li
Joy Ann Markham
William McCann
Travis Nicholes
Samson Onevathana
Josh Peterson
Shelley Sakuda
Robert Twomey
Yi (Nick) Ying

All these team members and our many visitors help us in many ways (somethings with a word or with a question or with a challenge).

BIG RED has served as a way to grow ideas in the garden of your minds and what ideas.

Thank you for your comments and support for our WOOF team.

There are so many things… to learn about in this world.

So many people who can help us learn…


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