First and foremost, I would like to offer congratulations to Mr. Hugh Lyman ( from Enumclaw, Washington) who very recently won the The Desktop Factory Competition  with his entry “The Lyman Filament Extruder II”.    This is a DIY filament extruder that allows one to make 1.75mm filament for FFF/FDM class 3D printers directly from pellets.      (We’ve had a couple of students groups playing with these ideas every since WOOF printed the milk-jug boat.)  Awesome job!  A big tip of the hat.



{The Lyman Filament Extruder II}

Over the past couple of months of Saturdays, several of us have gotten together to build some plastic PrintrBots.    I printed the bag of plastic PrintrBot  parts for them (in traditional RepRap fashion).   I gave them some pointers to Brook Drumm’s excellent videos of PrintrBot assembly.      I observed the overall process happen and was amazed.  So many questions. “What’s a BOM?” “Why isn’t there just one BOM?”  “Why  do the BOM’s change almost daily?”  “This is the fourth time I’ve taken the X carriage apart, Why?”   “Why do two of my motors have different color wires than the rest?”   “What, I can’t see that… Where are my glasses?”   And MANY MORE…

None of the original team had ever really seen a DIY 3D printer up-close and personal.    It was fun.    Two Saturday’s ago, the first printer started to print!  We even had a member or two from the WOOF team stop over.  While, we just about have all bots up and running, the discussion turned to “What bot should we try next?”



{Fred Metz from Spiral Arts with his new Plastic PrintrBot }

Remember, you don’t stop playing because you get old…. you get old because you stop playing.


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