With the addition of the semi-enclosed build chamber in our ABS Printer came one particularly annoying issue. The clamp bar that secures the X-Axis belt kept going soft and losing it’s grip on the belt resulting in a failed print part way through. Even when the screws were completely tight.  Given the location of these parts (under the stepper motors, next to the heated nozzle, and right above a 110 degree C build plate) it’s really asking a bit much of an ABS part to stick it here.  As soon as the belt fell off a few times, I just removed the extruder assembly and drilled two holes through the clamp and the belt, and installed two counter-sunk screws with backing nuts though the whole assembly.  If the screws were to back out, they would just run into the bottom of the stepper motors, so they are pretty much trapped there. “Try backing out now, you stupid……grumble, grumble….”

No more loose belts.

No more loose belts. The washer on the left is used to tilt the extruder assembly to give the left extruder tip more clearance.  (We don’t bother using the left extruder)


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