We have been experimenting with creation and printing of structured and unstructured tetrahedral meshes over the past several months.  Our work has just been for fun and experimentation.     It currently involves multiple steps through different software systems (we are working on reducing what’s required).  Please notice that the animals are completely filled with tetrahedral structures (it is not simply a surface shell structure).

We are pleased to present:


{ a tetra-saurus rex}

tet_bear2{a tet-ty bear}

We will be posting more tet-ty creatures as our work progresses.

7 Comments on The Tet-tys are coming

  1. Chad Redl says:

    Hey Mark, very cool! Are you creating the tetrahedral mesh with 3D Delaunay triangulation and optimizing for structural strength somehow?

    • ganter says:

      Hey Chad, we have about six different programs in play for this process (including Mathematica code). We are using NetGen which is a very nice tetrahedral finite element mesh generator (which may or may not use Delaunay methods). The REALLY hard part of this process is generating the solid model for the shape. If you look at any joint, all of the
      cylinders are tangent (which is a REALLY bad thing for solid generation). These shapes trash almost all solid engines.
      We have a different approach. Thanks for checking in.

      • Chad says:

        Yeah trying to boolean join all the cylinders into a valid solid sounds like an interesting problem to solve. 🙂 It’s fun to follow what you guys are doing. Congrats on the award from CGTrader! I’ll have to try to stop by the ol’ MEB sometime.

  2. Kyle Peacock says:

    Would it be possible to grab the STL file for the tet-ty bear? I’d love to print that for the kids.

    • ganter says:

      Kyle, we are working out the details to make the file available for non-commercial use. Please keep checking back.

  3. ramkam says:

    bump. I’m really interested in that 🙂
    easter egg: https://github.com/ramkam/wireframe_3d

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