Four sophomore students who were all members of the student 3D printing club:WOOF, set out to design and fabricate a large format printer (during one academic quarter of 2014).  They are the third team to undertake this task. The team was composed of  Jeff Bergeson,  Nicole Bentzen,  Daniel Palomaki, and Kim Sokol.



{Rendering of the overall design concept}

“Over the past ten weeks our team has designed and built a large scale, multi-format
3D printer. Our project began where another project left off, with a preexisting printer that was very limited in many aspects. Our goal was to create an entirely new printer with the ability to extrude a variety of paste materials while still maintaining a high quality resolution and large scale. In addition, we aim to make the printer easy to use, and easy to transport. We went through the entire process of redesigning, building, and testing a new KiloPrint.”



{KiloPrint with the design/fabrication team}

“KiloPrint has a maximum build volume of 21”x33”x32… The cost of building KiloPrint, taken directly from our Bill of Materials, is around $1300. Though KiloPrint has a smaller build volume than the Brand-X, it is literally 1/10th the cost. Furthermore, the price of KiloPrint would continue to go down if it was manufactured in bulk. In addition, KiloPrint is also mobile and can print in multiple materials… we have plans to retrofit it with the ability to print in plastic as well. KiloPrint is still in the first stage of development; therefore it is not yet refined enough for retail sale. With these things in mind, it is safe to say that KiloPrint is rapidly becoming more and more competitive in the large scale 3D printer market.” – 6/15/2014

{Printing acrylic latex caulking}

Over the course of the current school year, the KiloPrint team has been busy with their studies. However, they HAVE tested several versions of plastic filament heads on its gantry.   They printed several full size rocket bodies and other rocket assembly parts {a future post}.   Recently they added a volcano style extruder to KiloPrint with some very good results.



The word around the WOOF room is new Z-axis drive system for smoother layer to layer transitions.

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