The Autodesk Spark team has done something quite unusual in the world of commercial 3D printing companies (3D Systems and Stratasys, please take note).  The Spark team has brought out a DLP style printer called the Ember which employs photo-resin technology. {from lemoncurry group} The Ember system is a bit on the high end in […]

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bowman on January 17, 2015

When a part takes 15 hours to print and it breaks, a little chemistry can come in handy. Besides, who doesn’t want take two parts and want to stick them together. Want to know if/how to solvate a polymer? Skip the gnarly home cocktails of ABS & turpentine and learn how to make a good chemical […]

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A special thanks to our friends over at the Het Nieuwe Instituut over in the Netherlands. They prompted us to pull out the frostruder, calibrate the machine and come up with some new recipes for open source cookie baking.  Details about the show can be found below.   Exhibition PLASTIC, Promises of a Home-made Future At Het Nieuwe Instituut […]

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Every good calibration starts with a pile of new materials, a daunting task, a ridiculous timeline, and our favorite ingredient…caffeine.     How many of these ingredients are for the tester and how many for the printer? The gummy worms, sour straws and energy drinks were for the Humans. The jello, alginate, bone meal, laxatives, […]

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  Based on the interest and comments that these articles have been receiving it seems prudent to offer up more in depth content. The focus here is the “how to”… the raw data will come later. Sprueing:   Old School   New School   How do you sprue? Well, to quote a friend and mentor […]

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bowman on October 3, 2014

For the past year we have been busy building, testing, documenting and refining the process of taking 3D printed parts and using “Lost PLA” burnout to cast for parts for more robust applications. The documentation is bordering 100+pages, with 20+ pages of brute force data. We will try to keep it simple, show off with […]

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bowman on July 4, 2012

A Cookie Recipe that is Printable, Bake-able, Edible 1  cup of flour ½ cup of powdered sugar Mix thouroughly 1  stick of butter ½ cup of honey 1  teaspoon of vanilla ¼ – ½ teaspoon of salt (optional) Makes 10-15 50cc syringes print with Green luer lock. Bake 7-12 minute @ 350 degrees F for Greg […]

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bowman on May 9, 2012

Some people say work smart, not hard. But, I am incredibly lazy, so I don’t want to work at all. That said; The 3D printing community is working way to hard on designing complex parts. They are really good parts, but they take work to produce.  I want to help you guys out with a […]

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barnett on July 17, 2011

A Basic Recipe for Off Road Powder Printing A used 400 class Z Corp printer (@ fine internet auction sites) USG HydroPerm Rice wine/Sake Used BC-20 ink cartridges   (@ fine internet auction sites) Clean up the used 400.  Add HydroPerm.  Fill the binder reservoir with rice wine.  Do not self-print (i.e., drink the sake binder) […]

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ganter on June 20, 2011

As our quarter winds down, we can start to breath again.     There are so many projects running  in the Solheim Additive Manufacturing lab this school term, it is difficult to keep an exact count. We’d like to take this moment to spot light some work that was initially done over three years ago and was […]

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