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Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Faculty and Housestaff
Alumni Day 1989

Ramon M. Esclamado, MD

Paul W. Flint, MD

Constantine (Gus) Palaskas, MD

Alumni Day 1989 (above, left to right)

First Row: Tom Rees, Kathy Sie
Second Row: Pam Bohrer, Tom Pasic, Ed Rubel, Nell Canti, Jack Snyder
Third Row: Dianne Durham, Ray Esclamado, Gus Palaskas, Bob Dobie, Kathleen Makielski, Karen Canady, Douglas Girod
Fourth Row: Tim McCulloch, Chris vonBartheld, Ed Ricciardelli, Larry Duckert, Ed Overholt, Steve Huff, Perry Santos, Charles Cummings, Alex Arts
Fifth Row: Rick Hyson, Craig Rone, Greg Hyde, Al Hillel
Sixth Row: Mike Glenn, Paul Flint, John Fredrickson, Marc Coltrera, Ernie Weymuller, Jim Donadson, Dave Eisele

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