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Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Faculty and Housestaff
Alumni Day 1996

Darryk W. Barlow, MD

Lianne M. de Serres, MD

Janice D. Janas, MD

Terance T. Tsue, MD

Alumni Day 1996 (above, left to right)

First Row: Kay Chang, Terry Tsue, Larry Duckert, Kathy Sie, Hayes Gladstone, Larry Marentette, Dave Kriet, Lianne de Serres
Second Row: Janice Janas, Sue Mathison, Keiko Hirose, Ed Rubel, Randy Plant, Ernie Weymuller, Gus Palaskas
Third Row: Kathy Makielski, Liz Oesterle, Alice Kuntz, Maya Kato, George Gates, Marc Coltrera, Eric Pinczower
Fourth Row: Fred Deleyiannis, Craig Murakami, Bill Lippe, Gary Nishioka, Al Hillel, John Carey
Fifth Row: Greg Farwell, Neal Futran, Darryk Barlow, Ramsey Alsarraf, Tom Rees, Dave Karas
Sixth Row: John Rowland, Andy Inglis, Shawn Newlands, Scott Manning, Bob Stanley



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