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Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Faculty and Housestaff
Alumni Day 1998

John P. Carey, MD

Kay W. Chang, MD

Alumni Day 1998 (above, left to right)

First Row: Charles Cummings, George Gates, Al Hillel, Liz Oesterle, Maya Kato, John Carey, Ernie Weymuller
Second Row: Marc Coltrera, Jenny Stone, Bruce Tempel, Lianne de Serres, Craig Murakami, Sam Mostafapour, Scott Manning, Kathy Sie,
Neal Futran

Third Row: Alice Kuntz, Larry Duckert, Rosalie Fonesca, Don Parker, Cliff Hume, Kay Chang, Bob Stanley
Fourth Row: Mike Murphy, Fred Deleyiannis, Kevin Gertsen, Ramsy Alsarraf, Sharon Kujawa, Bill Lippe
Fifth Row: Greg Farwell, Doug Villaret, Chris Lykins, Andy Inglis, Susan Norton, Jim Donaldson
Sixth Row: Eric Pinczower, David Mills, Todd Dray, Gus Palaskas, Neal Goldman, Ed Rubel, Keiko Hirose, Jim Phillips

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