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Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Faculty and Housestaff
Alumni Day 2004

Benjamin W. Cilento, MD

Henry C.Y. Ou, MD

Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH

Alumni Day 2004 (above, left to right)

First row: Jay Rubinstein, Ed Rubel, Randall Morton, Michael Johns, George Gates, Ernie Weymuller, Jr., Sophia Omoro, Liz Oesterle, Seth Schwartz
Second row: Larry Duckert, Kathy Sie, Ryan Stern, David Wood, Neal Futran, Rick Tempero, Andy Inglis
Third row: Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh, Marc Coltrera, Henry Ou, Vincent Chan, Alan Cheng, Greg Davis, Bevan Yueh,
Bond Almand
Fourth row: Nicole Maronian, Eddie Mendez, Bruce Tempel, Jonathan Perkins, Susan Norton, Cliff Hume, Gi Soo Lee, Scott Manning, Ed Weaver
Fifth row: Greg Farwell, Mark Whipple, Tim McCulloch, Jim Phillips, Ben Cilento, Amit Bhrany, Mark Izzard, Carlo Honrado, Pat Feeney, Felipe Santos


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