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Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Faculty and Housestaff
Alumni Day 2005

Samson J. Lee, MD

Eduardo Mendez, MD

J. David Wood, MD

Alumni Day 2005 (above, left to right)

First Row: Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh, Robert Kang, Gi Soo Lee, Larry Duckert, Joseph Nadol, Ernest Weymuller, Stephanie Misono, Eduardo Mendez, Marita Teng, Ed Rubel
Second Row: Vincent Chan, Felipe Santos, Alan Cheng, Derek Lam, Ryan Stern, Jay Rubinstein, Andy Inglis, Valerie Street,
Marc Coltrera
Third Row: Jenny Stone, Sirius Yoo, Tim McCulloch, Kathy Sie, Cliff Hume, Bond Almand, Susan Norton
Fourth Row: Sam Most, Henry Ou, Peter Choi, George Gates, David Wood, Michael Underbrink, Sophia Omoro
Fifth Row: Samson Lee, Bruce Tempel, Ed Weaver, Al Hillel, Greg Davis, David Bloom, Rick Tempero
Sixth Row: Jim Phillips, Nicole Maronian, Jonathan Perkins, Amit Bhrany, Scott Manning, Mark Whipple, Pat Feeney

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