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The faculty, fellows and residents of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery perform active research in a large number of disciplines. The Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center provides the largest research space for Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery's faculty. Our current funded research projects are listed below, along with the names of principle investigators and funding agencies.


Active Projects

Institutional Training Grant

  • Research Training in Otolaryngology - Rubel

Core Center Grant

  • P30 Core Center Grant - Rubel

NIH Research Contract

  • Neurophysiological Studies of Electrical Stimulation for the Vestibular Nerve - Phillips

Career Development Awards (K-Awards)

  • Identifying and characterizing chemical modulators of hair cell death - K08 - Ou
  • NIH Roadmap/NICHD (Clinical Research Scholar) - Disis   (Greg Smith)

Federally Funded Research Grants

  • R03 - p53 & andaminoglycoside induced hair cell death in the zebrafish lateral line - Coffin
  • R01 - Improved analysis of cochlear implant sound processing - Drennan
  • R01 - Hair Cell Regeneration - Oesterle
  • R01 - Synaptic Processing - Perkel
  • R01 - Afferent Influences on Auditory System Ontogeny - Rubel
  • R01 - Genetics of Zebrafish Hair Cell Toxicity - Rubel
  • R03 - Morphometric and physiologic analyses of the mammalian low frequency sound circuit - Seidl
  • R01 - Avian Hair Cell Regeneration: Molecular Regulation - Stone
  • R01 - Auditory Neurogenetics - Tempel
  • BRA  - Gene Regulation and noise/BOP Protection  (Basic Research Award) - Tempel
  • R01 - Nasal Turbinate Reduction and CPAP Outcomes for Sleep Apnea: A Sham-Controlled Trial - Weaver
  • U01 -An Integrated computational and functional genomics discovery engine for pre-clinically validated cancer drug targets:  Functional genomics for novel therapeutic target discovery in head and neck cancer - Mendez
  • U01 - Drug Discovery for the Prevention of Hearing Loss - Rubel

Individual Training Grants - NRSA

  • F32 - Developmental Profile of Glutimate Receptors in Nucleus Laminaris  (Sanchez)
  • F32 - Modeling Spectral-ripple discrimination by cochlear implant users – Rubinstein (Jones)
  • F31 - A Role for Serotonin in the Production and Learning of Song – Perkel (Wood)


  • NIH/NCI - A phase I clinical trial of MK-1775 in combination with neoadjuvant weekly docetaxel and cisplatin prior to surgery in p53 mutated squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck - Cancer Center Support Grant-SCCHN (Mendez)
  • NIH - Oral Cancer II - R01 Chen-FHCRC (Mendez)
  • NIH - Chemoprotection Against Aminoglycoside-Induced Ototoxicity - Simon R01-FHCRC (Rubel)
  • NIH - Efficacy of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Dysphagia in H&N Cancer Patients –Boston MC  (Meyer)
  • NIH - Tissue engineering of a neotrachea – Benaroya Research Institute   (Meyer)

Industry Sponsored

  • Hybrid 2 - Cochlear Implant (Cochlear, Inc) - Rubinstein

Other Foundation Grants

  • Integrative Genomics Approach Therapeutic Target Selection in Oral Cancer Metastasis - American Cancer Society (Mendez)                                                 
  • Integration of Genomic Alterations – Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Mendez)
  • Use of fluorescently-conjugated cisplatin to study the uptake of cisplatin into hair cells – Capita Fdn – (Ou)
  • Marian E. Smith Faculty Achievement Award – WSU (Ou)
  • Establishment and validation of organotypic slice cultures of auditory brainstem  -NOHR (Sanchez)
  • Morphometrics of the Mamalian Low Frequency Sound Localization
  • Circuit-DRF Rubel (Seidl)
  • STAT1 Inhibition as a Preventive Strateg;y for Cisplatin-Induced Hair Cell
  • Death – AHRF Rubel  (Schmidt)
  • The Role of Subcellular Regulation of TrkB in Dendritic Geometry of
  • Auditory Brainstem Neurons – DRF (Wang)
  • Quality of Life Instruments in Velopharyngeal Insufficiency –AAO-HNSF –Weaver (Skirko)
  • Effect of Interaction of Allergic Rhinitis and CPAP – AAO-HNSF – Weaver (Skirko)

UW Sponsored Awards

  • Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Sound Coding Strategy for Better Speech and Music Perception with Cochlear Implants (ITHS) - Nie
  • Improving Speech and Music Perception with Cochlear Implants (Technology Gap Innovation Fund - TGIF) - Nie


The department directly supports a number of resources that facilitate its research objectives. Information about these resources and ongoing projects are available at the links below.
  • Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (website)
  • Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center (website)
  • UW School of Medicine (website)
  • Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center (website)

Research Affiliations

The department has strong affiliations with a number of centers that support world class research. Links to information about these facilities are available below.
  • UW Bioengineering (website)
  • UW Engineered Biomaterials (website)
  • Center for Health Studies at Group Health Cooperative (website)
  • Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (website)
  • Biomedical and Health Informatics (website)
  • Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences (website)
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute (website)
  • Group Health Center for Health Studies (website)
  • Human Interface Technology Laboratory (website)
  • UW Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program (website)
  • School of Public Health and Community Medicine (website)
  • Washington National Primate Research Center (website)
  • VA Puget Sound HSR&D Center of Excellence (website)

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