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We interview 30 applicants during three days in December and January. The interview day begins at 8am in the Otolaryngology Department Library at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Interview Schedule

There are 10 interviews with faculty members and 2 residents for 20 minutes each. A lunch and tour of the facilities is scheduled with the residents. The formal day ends around 3:30 pm. An optional get-together with the residents for appetizers is arranged immediately following the interviews. This generally concludes at around 8pm.

The Match requires that each Residency program provide complete and accurate information to interviewees, including:

  1. A copy of the Resident Position Appointment that the applicant will sign if matched to the program and,
  2. Institutional Policies on Selection for a residency or fellowship position

This information must be communicated to interviewees prior to the rank order list deadline with a signed acknowledgement. Hard copies are available at the time of your interview by request.

We are a NIH training grant site -- We have additional requirements to supply information about the NIH Payback agreement. The residency encompasses 6 years with 1-2 years of dedicated research as part of a NIH training grant (T32). Participation in the training grant is required of all applicants accepted to the program. The NIH training grant provides a stipend for research opportunities. At the time of enrollment in the training grant year(s), the applicant must sign a Payback Agreement with subsequent payback documented by an annual Payback Certificate. Please review the NIH Grants policy statements, training forms and termination notice before your interview date. We would welcome any questions about our training grant at any time.

NIH policy requires “payback” for the first year spent on an NIH training grant.  The following options are acceptable:

1.   A second year on the NIH training grant.

2.   Documented research experience subsequent to the first year but not on the NIH training grant.  In our program, there are four months of research in the PGY3 year and the option for an additional four months in the PGY5 year.

3.   Taking an academic position upon graduation from the residency.

4.   You must begin to undertake the payback service requirement within 2 years after the termination date of the training grant support unless an extension of time to begin payback has been approved by the NIH.  Payback service is certified through the use of the Annual Payback Activities Certification (APAC) (Form PHS 6031-1).  Individuals with an outstanding payback obligation must complete an APAC annually until their payback obligation is fulfilled. 


NIH policy on payback can be reviewed on these websites:

For more information on NIH training forms and policies, please reference their website: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms.htm#training


Getting To Your Interview

To assist you in your visit to Seattle, getting to the UWMC campus and finding your way to the Otolaryngology Department, we offer the following information:

Parking Instructions -- Follow the driving directions to the University. Park in front of Husky Stadium, entering via Gatehouse 8. You will be given a parking permit which needs to stay in your car. You will be parking in lot E12. We will provide parking validation during your interview day.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT park in the Triangle Garage. We cannot validate parking in that facility.

Learn more about Seattle 


  Interview Dates:  
December 12, 2013  
January 10, 2014  
January 13, 2014  
Interview Information  
Getting To Your Interview  
  Interview Committee:  
Isaac Bohannon, MD  
Greg Davis, MD, MPH  
Neal Futran, MD, DMD  
Allen Hillel, MD  
Eduardo Mendez, MD  
Henry Ou, MD  
Sanjay Parikh, MD
Bruce Tempel, PhD  
Mark Whipple, MD  
  Match Date:  

March 17 , 2014  
Matching Program:

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