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Seattle is a bustling metropolis situated between Lake Washington and the beautiful Puget Sound.

These watery surrounds emphasize the beauty of the forested mountain ranges, the Cascades to the east and the Olympics to the west. On clear days, the views of Mount Rainer and Mount Olympus are a constant reminder that we are never far from natural beauty. The Emerald City is known as well for Lattes, rain, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Boeing and numerous tourist attractions. An active outdoor town with bicyclers using protected trails, early morning kayakers, and joggers that fully utilize the many parks situated in the midst of busy neighborhoods. Extensive hiking trails and a temperate climate make this an ideal location for a variety of outdoor sports and activities

Seattle has 2 million inhabitants in the metro region and has remained vibrant in these changing economic times. In recent news reports, Seattle continues to attract new college graduates for opportunities in venture capital, software and hi-tech enterprises and specialty retail. Sound environmental controls and diverse cultural representation result in new and innovative development and expansion.

Seattle is a food lover’s paradise. The availability of fresh fish as well as farm fresh vegetables and fruit makes exploring the restaurant and supermarket scene an adventure in itself. Exotic spices and unusual ingredients that may be hard to find in other cities are easily acquired in our many ethnic neighborhoods and markets.

Entertainment is an eclectic mix. From the classical sounds of the Benaroya Hall or the McCaw Opera Hall, to the jazz and “grunge” scene, Seattle has something for everyone. The Experience Music Project museum at Seattle Center allows for an interactive exposure to all varieties of music genre.


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  The Seattle/King County Convention and Visitors Bureau (206-461-5840) and the information booth at Westlake Center (206-467-1600) have maps and information about lodging, restaurants, and attractions.

You can also write to the Visitor Information Center:

520 Pike Street,
Suite 1300
Seattle, WA 98101


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