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Otolaryngology Update for Primary Care
October 9, 2010
Course Handouts

Please note that these handouts will NOT be available onsite.

8:30 am Update in Pediatric Hearing Loss
David L. Horn, MD, MS

1:00 pm Cough
Tanya K. Meyer, MD

9:00 am Obstructed Breathing During Sleep in Kids
Jonathan A. Perkins, DO

1:30 pm Head & Neck Cancer Awareness
Albert L. Merati, MD

9:30 am Pediatric Sinusitis: Diagnosis and Management
Scott C. Manning, MD

2:00 pm Thyroid Nodule
Marc D. Coltrera, MD

10:30 am Adult Snoring and OSA
Maya G. Sardesai, MD

3:00 pm Adult Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Thomas S. Rees, PhD

11:00 am Adult Nasal Obstruction
Amit Bhrany, MD

3:30 pm Adult Dizziness
Larry G. Duckert, MD, PhD

11:30 am Sinusitis
Greg E. Davis, MD, MPH

4:00 pm Tinnitus
Clifford R. Hume, MD, PhD


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