This page is designed only to provide a cursory overview of the enrollment, payment, and cancellation procedures for the plan. Detailed information about cost and benefits is available in the plan booklet.

You can obtain a booklet at the Business Services Office, Room 520 Schmitz Hall, 206-543-6202; Hall Health Primary Care Center, 315 East Stevens Circle, 206-685-1011; or via the links above.

If you are considering purchasing this plan, it is very important that you read the following information and pick up a copy of the brochure, since enrollment procedures, benefit levels, limitations and exclusions may change from year to year.

Underwritten by United HealthCare Insurance Company, it is a one-year term policy.The 2008-2009 policy year begins 9/22/08 and ends on 9/27/09.

Important - Please Note

  • The deadline to sign up for, change plans, or cancel insurance is the 7th calendar day of the quarter.
    DEADLINES FOR 2008-2009 POLICY YEAR: Autumn quarter: September 30, 2008; Winter quarter: January 11, 2009; Spring quarter: April 5, 2009; Summer quarter: June 28, 2009.
    TO SIGN UP, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR CLASSES. You cannot enroll in, change or cancel your choice after the 7th calendar day of the quarter.
  • Graduate students who have graduate appointments (TA/RA/SA) may be eligible for the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP) provided by the University.If you have such an appointment, do not sign up for the student insurance plan. If you have purchased the student insurance plan through MyUW and then receive an appointment, you may be eligible for a refund of the student plan if you notify the UW Benefits Office within 30 days of the beginning of your appointment.
  • If you choose to purchase coverage on a quarterly basis, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE QUARTER FOR WHICH IT IS PURCHASED. New to the 2008-2009 insurance policy, you now have the option to purchase summer quarter insurance even if you are not registered for summer quarter, as long as you were covered under the Student Insurance Plan during spring quarter. The premium rates for coverage are slightly higher due to the cost of administrative services provided by the University. The fees are included in the insurance booklet.
  • An insurance card is available in the brochure or on-line ; An insurance identification card will not be mailed to you. Click here for a copy of the 2008-2009 insurance card.
  • To ensure that your claims are paid in a timely manner, you must promptly respond to all written requests from WPAS Claims Office
  • If you are on financial aid and want your student health insurance premiums counted in your financial aid eligibility, go to Financial Aid forms. Complete the Revision Request for Additional Expenses for the current academic year. Please note that most revisions result in an increase in student loans (if you are not already at the annual maximums allowed).
  • We've made every effort to be accurate; however, the underlying contracts, master policies, and other legal plan documents, together with WPAS, United HealthCare Insurance Company and trustee decisions, will govern in answering any questions and resolving any discrepancies.


Enroll yourself and eligible dependents on MyUW on-line through the first 7 calendar days of the quarter (for autumn quarter, it is the Tuesday after school starts; for winter, spring and summer quarters it is the Sunday after school starts)

You may NOT enroll in the plan by just sending in the premium. If you sign up for the plan during preregistration, the premium will be included on your tuition statement sent to you after the quarter begins. If you enroll in the plan after the quarter begins, you may not receive an adjusted bill but can access your balance on-line at MyUW.

You may not cancel your insurance by not paying the premium - you must cancel your insurance selection through MyUW on-line within the first 7 calendar days of the quarter. You may cancel in person at the Student Accounts Office within the first 5 calendar days of the quarter.

Payment of Premium

The premium is due by the tuition due date, the 3rd Friday of the quarter. Failure to pay the premium by that date will result in subsequent bills being sent and may result in a hold being placed on your records. FINANCIAL AID WILL PAY THE INSURANCE PREMIUM AUTOMATICALLY, in most cases, but you should check the conditions of your aid and whether it is sufficient to pay all required charges, including the insurance premium.

Cancellation of Insurance

Cancellation of coverage after the first 7 calendar days of the quarter is not permitted - except in the event the student enters military service on full-time active duty or a student's withdrawal from the University is dated within the first 7 calendar days of the quarter.

UICI Notice of Privacy Practices

Effective Date: April 14, 2003
PDF version: UICI Notice of Privacy Practices

E-mail the Student Insurance Office with any questions or concerns you'd like addressed, as well as any comments or suggestions you'd like to bring to our attention.