Writing & Research Center

Need to see a tutor but don’t have an appointment? Here is what you need to know!

Since its inception, the OWRC developed a strong reputation as one of the best writing centers on campus.  While that means your sessions at our center will likely be highly productive, it also means that we're in high demand, and appointments fill up fast.  If we are fully booked on the date and/or time that you need to see a tutor, here is what you need to do:

STEP ONE: Watch for cancellations.  Check to see whether you can make an appointment online at another time that works for you.  To complete this task, please visit our Make an Appointment page: http://www.depts.washington.edu/owrc/signup.php.  It should be noted that, on average, 5-7 appointments open up (often last-minute) on a daily basis, so be sure to check the sign-up page often.  A scheduled appointment is the only way to guarantee you’ll be able to work with a tutor on our staff.

STEP TWO: Try for a drop-in appointment.  If there are simply no online appointments available within your timeline, please stop by the OWRC, let us know you're here to try for a "drop-in" spot, take a seat, and wait to see whether a tutor has a "no-show" or cancellation.  We almost always have 1-3 "no-show" openings throughout the day, so those with patience will likely be rewarded.  If a writer doesn't show up for his/her appointment within the first 10 minutes, we give that spot away to anyone waiting here in the center. Please note that we cannot guarantee drop-in spots, especially as we get closer to midterms and finals.  We encourage you to bring other work, use our computers, be comfortable on the sofa, make use of the board games on the bookshelf, and otherwise be prepared for a wait.  The center is equipped with outlets and wireless internet for those of you with laptops. 

STEP THREE: Check out other writing centers.  Lastly, we encourage you to investigate other writing centers on campus.  For a complete listing of the few remaining discipline-specific and interdisciplinary UW writing centers, please visit: http://faculty.washington.edu/jwholmes/uwwrite.html

 Good luck! We hope we get the chance to work with you!