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Our tutors and research librarians see themselves as reflective and intelligent readers who -- by asking questions and reporting accurately their reading reactions -- can help you discover what others have said, what you have said, what you might want to say, and how your readers are likely to understand you.

Though they are trained to be able to help you develop your ideas and strengthen your task assessment, research, drafting, organization, revision, rhetorical and self-editing skills and strategies, they are not "correctors" or editors. Everything about the interactions between tutor, research librarian, and writer supports the OWRC's central goal of helping you achieve self-sufficiency in your research, learning, and writing.  What does that mean?  It means that, at the OWRC, our tutors and research librarians are likely to help you by talking with you about things like the appropriate information for supporting an argument or crafting persuasive claims.  We can also help you with high-level, transferable skills like understanding the nature of information and its relationship to writing, thinking, and learning, or refining your understanding of the roles research and information literacy play in successful scholarship.

Tutors with an * before their names are available to meet during Early Fall Start.

Mayowa Aina

MAYOWA AINA - Undergraduate Tutor

Mayowa is a sophomore working towards a degree in International Studies with a minor in Music. Her favorite topics to write about include history and literature, as well as personal statements and career-related writings such as resumes. She really enjoys a collaborative writing process and gets most excited helping students develop their theses, organize, and refine their writing. Aside from school and work, Mayowa loves to try new foods, go on adventures around Seattle (and the world!), read, watch movies, and take nice, long naps.

Jixia Ao

*JIXIA AO - Undergraduate Tutor

Jixia is a senior double majoring in Comparative History of Ideas and Anthropology. For her CHID thesis she wrote a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories, and for her Anthropology thesis she is researching student activism. She enjoys creative writing, and is most familiar with writing in the humanities and social sciences. However, she's comfortable working with writers in any discipline, at any stage of the writing process. She especially enjoys helping writers with brainstorming and the early stages of revision. Outside of school and work, Jixia enjoys listening to science fiction and fantasy podcasts, learning about social justice, and eating dark chocolate.

Tom Bolling

*TOM BOLLING - Research Librarian & Tutor

With a background in Philosophy, Tom arrived at UW in 1970 as a research librarian, and has been extremely happy here ever since. He loves the Great Game of Research... empowering for lifelong learning in the vast world of information and stored experiences and adventures of the mind. His other passionate love is the Great Game of Kendo, the Way of the Sword... learning to sense The Force flowing through us and a life played for keeps. Find him at info desks in Odegaard, Suzzallo, and Allen or in his office, Odegaard 240E. He is continually energized by working daily with students and supporting them in their research and information needs.

Jonathan Bowdler

*JONATHAN BOWDLER - Graduate Tutor

Jonathan Bowdler is a PhD Candidate in History and is currently working on a dissertation on countercultural corporations in the Seattle area during the 1970s and 1980s. He received his MA in History at the University of Mississippi in 2013. He has three years of tutoring experience as a teaching assistant and especially loves working on the early conceptual stage of the writing process. His cabin in the middle of the Mississippi forest was a wonder to behold while his MA thesis was developed on green post-it notes that painted the apartment walls. He also has a treasure trove of tools to beat writer's block and enjoys working with other writers on developing and refining their projects.

Helen Boyer

*HELEN BOYER - Graduate Tutor

Helen is an MSW candidate at the School of Social Work with a concentration in Health. She is preparing for an encore career after practicing law for 23 years. Her legal career included a stint as a judicial law clerk helping judges write opinions. She was Articles Editor for the Washington Law Review, has published in professional journals, and has collaborated with other authors on many different kinds of projects. She has assisted writers in preparing works for academic and commercial publication. She loves helping others with the writing process: from imagining the big picture to organizing an outline, from the turn of a phrase to the right place for a comma. She is grateful to be the mother of two good writers, with whom she loves to hang out. Her family attends the Ashland Shakespeare Festival together. She has a small dog and a cat. The cat dominates.

Alaina Bull

ALAINA BULL - Reference and Instruction Graduate Assistant

Alaina is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Library and Information Science program and a Reference and Instruction Graduate Assistant in Odegaard Library. She graduated from the University of Washington Tacoma with a degree in Arts, Media and Culture, and especially enjoys digging into research topics in the arts, history, and religions. Her research experience includes full year research capstone projects, as well as quick papers needing only a few sources. Alaina loves to let the research lead the direction to new ideas and ways of examining information. Whatever stage of research you are at, she is happy to help. In her free time Alaina enjoys a plethora of activities, including reading, hiking, kayaking, and traveling. She also has a weakness for strong coffee and creative non-fiction novels.

Lilly Campbell

LILLY CAMPBELL - Graduate Tutor

Lilly is a doctoral student in English Language and Rhetoric and a composition instructor in the Expository Writing Program. Her research focuses on writing across the disciplines, rhetorics of science/medicine, and feminist rhetoric. Lilly has taught English 108, 109, 121, and 131 and is more than happy to help tackle the expository/persuasive essay in all its shapes and forms. She also has a range of experience with literary analysis, personal statements, cover letters, masters theses and grant writing. She admits to being a bit of a neat freak and loves helping writers organize their ideas during any stage of the writing process: from brainstorming to the final touches. Lilly spends whatever free time she can muster exploring the city on bike or foot, trying out new recipes, and fawning over other people's dogs.

Rutger Ceballos

*RUTGER CEBALLOS - Undergraduate Tutor

Rutger is an undergraduate pursuing a triple major in Political Science, History and International Studies with a minor in Classics and Ancient History. His academic interests primarily include history, international relations and political theory, with a strong interest in human rights movements, revolutions and labor studies. He enjoys writing in a wide variety of genres, especially in the social sciences and humanities. He believes that the best writing is achieved while working in a cooperative and open environment allowing for ideas to be exposed to discussion and critical examination. To this end, Rutger finds the most joy in helping writers frame their arguments within a theoretical and historical context, believing that truly powerful writing is the result of a persuasive claim backed by thoughtful analysis. When not in class, Rutger enjoys reading about history and philosophy, going to the movies, volunteering and traveling.

Arista Chen

*ARISTA CHEN - Undergraduate Tutor

Arista is a senior triple majoring in English, Communications, and Political Science. Her English senior capstone explored how Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill expanded many of Edgar Allen Poe's concepts from The Philosophy of Composition. Her current research focuses on how the rhetoric we use as a nation shapes the ways we measure success, and how to combat our culture of consumption by finding sustainable economic alternatives to GDP. She likes to help with every stage of the writing process, but especially loves helping brainstorm ideas and revise essay structure and organization. In her free time, Arista DJs a hip-hop and R&B show for Rainy Dawg Radio and interns at the Richard Hugo House.

Max Chen

*MAX CHEN - Undergraduate Tutor

Max is currently an undergraduate pursuing a degree in English. With an estimated 25+ writing assignments of his own every quarter, Max has seen his fair share of action in writing. He enjoys describing thoughts and emotions with lavish words but dislikes insipid or too-practical essays. Believing that writing can give one space and time to reflect upon life and be empathetic, Max finds great joy in helping others with their various genres of writing as well, with brainstorming and organizing as his favorite steps. In his free time, and when not possessed by cynicism and sarcasm, Max is quite fun to hang out with. He likes to watch movies (so long as they're not chick flicks), listen to rock and classical music, and play tons of StarCraft 2. Max finds great pleasure in hoarding books and not letting anyone touch them. He also plays soccer and avidly follows the British Premiere League.

Eric Cheuk

ERIC CHEUK - Undergraduate Tutor

When he's not saving the world from apocalyptic evil, Eric assumes the role of an over-caffeinated junior pursuing a major in English Language & Literature. His academic interests include literary theory, textual analysis, and Not Doing Mathematics. Most of his experience as a writer of academic papers has taken place in the Humanities and Social Sciences, but he is willing to venture out into unfamiliar intellectual territory. As a person who likes to float 'crazy idea' boats into the deceptively halcyon sea that is the college classroom, he enjoys helping writers brainstorm ideas and pull them together into coherent arguments. He finds equally satisfying the process of refining papers. What little time Eric has to spare outside of school is usually spent at used bookstores, hunting for musty and thematically intriguing ways in which to empty out his wallet and unbalance his already-full bookshelves.

Sarah Chodakewitz

*SARAH CHODAKEWITZ - OWRC Assistant Director & Graduate Tutor

Sarah is a Graduate Tutor who's currently a first year MPH student in the Health Systems and Policy track of the Health Services department. She completed her BA at Brown University in Anthropology and loves to hear stories about the different places where people have lived or traveled! She loves working with individuals as they first begin to organize their ideas or as they take a step back to examine their first drafts. In her free time, she loves potluck dinners and dance in all possible forms, especially swing, contra, and jazz!

Yiting Chu

YITING CHU - Graduate Tutor

Yiting is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Curriculum & Instruction, with an emphasis on Multicultural Education. Though he personally writes in many different genres, he has most experience in research papers and journal articles in the Social Sciences, personal statements, cover letters, and conference articles and presentations. He is also happy to assist international students/English as a Second Language students on their writing projects, as part of his academic commitment. He would love to discuss with writers the various stages of writing, including deciphering the assignment, brainstorming, organizing thoughts, and revising drafts. Yiting spends most of his leisure time watching movies, reading books, and (recently) practicing Korean.

Kathleen Collins

KATHLEEN COLLINS - Research Librarian

Kathleen has worked in libraries since she was 13 years old, became an official degree-carrying librarian after obtaining a Master's in Library and Information Studies from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and has worked at the UW Libraries since 2001. Her current position sees her wearing many hats, but she is happiest when she is helping people find the information they need for school, work, or just to satisfy their curiosity. She has B.A in History from the University of Maine at Farmington and is currently the UW Libraries subject librarian for Sociology and Children's and YA Literature. She is a member of the Libraries' citation tools team which helps support RefWorks, Zotero, and Mendeley, and she considers the humble footnote to be a thing of grace and beauty. When not working or wrangling her children, Kathleen is most often to be found with her nose in a book or a knitting project, the better to ignore her messy house.

Anne Davis

ANNE DAVIS - Research Librarian

Anne is the Anthropology and Archaeology Librarian for the UW Libraries. She reads a lot of graphic novels and comics, which explains why she has so many geeky posters in her office. To see Anne's libguide profile, visit this page.

Bernard Ellouk

*BERNARD ELLOUK - Undergraduate Tutor

Bernard is pursuing a double degree in Political Science and Psychology and enjoys brainstorming and developing papers. He wrote his political science honors thesis on how Chinese netizens use social media after major national incidents. He has held several positions as editor and has had the opportunity to work with multiple disciplines, but has the greatest passion for creative writing-- specifically, screenplay writing. Born in Brazil, he spent a portion of his childhood moving and living abroad. In his free time he enjoys filming, photography, writing, discovering new movies and trying miserably to learn the piano.

Shannon Foss

SHANNON FOSS - Undergraduate Tutor

Shannon is a Comparative History of Ideas major who enjoys dialoguing about work at any point in the writing process, especially the stages of outlining and brainstorming. She particularly likes discussing the organizational structure, viewpoint, language use, and overall coherence of written works. Her ever-expanding academic interests can be found in the intersection of education, rhetoric, law, literature, and philosophy. Accordingly, most of her writing experience falls within the realms of the humanities and social sciences, although Shannon has some exposure to other disciplines and is eager to discuss work in any field. She spends her free time traveling and competing around the country with the UW Mock Trial team, reading nineteenth-century literature, and combatting her obsession with mindless TV.

Peter Freeman


Peter earned his Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell in 2011. Since then, he has taught English Composition at UW Bothell, Bellevue College, and Everett Community College. In that time, Peter also helped strengthen UW Bothell's undergraduate writing curriculum, develop and strengthen student outreach programs, and design learning strategies courses for under-represented student populations. Outside of teaching, Peter helped lead the UW Bothell Writing and Communication Center for four years during his undergraduate and graduate work. While there, he helped students from all disciplines and backgrounds understand their assignments, brainstorm ideas, create outlines, write drafts, re-write drafts, and submit articles for publication. In his free time, Peter enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, and exploring downtown Seattle.

Austin Giles

*AUSTIN GILES - Undergraduate Tutor

Austin is a transfer from Whatcom Community College in Bellingham where he got his start as a writing tutor. As he works towards a major in English Literature, he enjoys writing both in and out of the classroom. In either environment, Austin strives for those moments of discovery that reveal some hidden truth. Equally, he gets joy from helping others arrive at their own “a-ha” moments. For this reason, his favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming but he loves exploring the strengths of a paper at any stage. His favorite sessions are in the disciplines of journalism, creative writing and public speaking. Outside of work, Austin is nearly constantly listening to The Cramps and hoping to own every Film Noir in the classic cycle.

Jenny Halpin


Jenny has been the Director of the OWRC since 2009. In addition to being full-time UW staff, she is a PhD Candidate in English Language and Rhetoric (though officially on leave from grad school at the moment, working on her dissertation, which explores developing programs to better support English Language Learners). She has many years of experience as both a tutor and a teacher of writing, having worked for the English Department Writing Center, the CLUE Writing Center, and the OWRC itself and having taught writing courses both in UW's Expository Writing Program and at Seattle University. Jenny is delighted to help the OWRC grow and expand both its traditional one-to-one mentorship of writers and its new programs for multilingual students, graduate students, and faculty. In her 'spare time' she is an avid and adventurous home cook and laissez-faire gardener.

Lois Haight

*LOIS HAIGHT - Graduate Tutor

Lois graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature and she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Library & Information Science here at the UW. Much of her experience has come from academic writing, but she has also worked as a personal writing tutor for community college students and participated in many peer review groups. Her areas of expertise are centralized in the humanities and include: literary analysis, creative writing, research/library science, social media, and youth services. While her first love is to help writer's revise and edit their rough drafts, Lois also enjoys helping writers develop their theses and organize their ideas. In her free time, Lois enjoys reading 19th century literature, maintaining her writing & book blog, pretending to be British, listening to and making music, running long distances, pretending to be an artist and fangirling about everything. Her favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon.

Kristen Higashi

KRISTEN HIGASHI - Undergraduate Tutor

Kristen, for the life of her cannot make a decision, and is therefore pursuing majors in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Comparative Literature (Cinema Studies), as well as a minor in Mathematics. She loves talking (especially with you!) as a means of brainstorming and developing ideas, but stick with her because she may eventually say something funny. She loves film, social theory/analysis, and stories (particularly of the creative kind), but most importantly: a good pun. On top of this, she is five-feet tall, has a terrible sense of direction (which way is north again??), and really, really (no, really!) wants to read your writing, hear your story, and ride with you on your journey—no matter where you are in the process. Even if you’re just starting up or wrapping up the “conclusion” (pun? Get it?!), she wants in. Only rule is: you drive, and she calls shotgun.

Ben Hole

*BEN HOLE - Graduate Tutor

Ben is a grad student in the Philosophy PhD program. He received his MA here, and his BA from Lewis & Clark College. He teaches and studies in areas of ancient philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of mind (including psych/cog/neuro). The courses he's taught at UW include Intro to Philosophy (100), Ethical Theory (240), Aristotle’s Ethics (340), and Feminism & Pornography (484). This year he’s been leading a seminar and workshop series for faculty and grads on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy with the goal to improve pedagogical choices across the curriculum. He's also the director for the Philosophy Department’s Writing Center and can help facilitate more discipline-specific tutoring for students. He's incredibly interested in writing pedagogy, both professionally and personally in his own development as a writer — he is still trying to prepare himself for that whole ‘publish or perish’ stage of academic life.

John Holmes

JOHN HOLMES - Research Librarian & Tutor

John is the Psychology Librarian at the UW. He has been professionally active in the area of information literacy (the ability to interact effectively with information from defining needs and finding relevant sources through evaluation, use, and management of sources.) He gets the ways in which thinking, reading, conversation, research, and writing converge in the process of learning and enjoys helping students develop a command of these abilities as writers. John has a B.A. in English from Michigan State University and an M.L.S. in Information Science from Wayne State University. Away from his job, he is a movie, theater, and music lover, as well as a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan, each season less reluctantly transferring a few more ounces of his loyalty to the Mariners.

Amanda Hornby

AMANDA HORNBY - Research Librarian & Tutor

Amanda is the Undergraduate Instruction Coordinator and the Geography Librarian. She coordinates the Odegaard Undergraduate Library education program and loves working to teach research skills and resources to students. One of her most rewarding projects is serving as Co-Chair of the Libraries Student Advisory Committee, where they host quarterly meetings with a group of undergraduate students that advise the Libraries on improving our resources and buildings for students. She graduated with a B.A. from Lewis and Clark College, which included a year-long study abroad program in France, and has her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, seeing live music shows, reading, going to farmer's markets and getting inspired to try new cooking techniques, camping, and hanging out with friends, her husband and beautiful baby boy, and their cat, Buddy.

Christian Ie

CHRISTIAN IE - Undergraduate Tutor

Christian is a junior majoring in Biochemistry, with a minor in Global Health. His past writing experience includes expository essays in a variety of non-fictional topics, and literary analysis. Christian is excited to help writers verbalize or visually map their way through the writing process. He especially enjoys helping writers form solid theses backed with complex, yet fluent arguments. Having also spent a year as a mentor for the University of Washington’s Dream Project, Christian is also experienced in helping students strengthen their personal statements. Outside the OWRC, Christian enjoys reading, tennis, watching great acting performances (on stage or the screen), a good cup of coffee, and playing saxophone.

Erik Jaccard

*ERIK JACCARD - Graduate Tutor

Erik is a PhD student in English Language and Literature. His research focuses on the intersections between speculative prose fiction genres, imperialism, and the figure of catastrophe in contemporary British literature and culture. He has worked as a tutor and editor with student writers at all levels, from freshmen in Early Fall Start courses to doctoral candidates revising dissertations for Ph.D defense. His experiences as a writer have centered on literary and cultural analysis and the composition of argumentative essays and related genres in the humanities. Capable of aiding writers at any stage of the writing process, Erik particularly enjoys helping with brainstorming and developing strong, complex claims, as well as developing those claims through coherent organization and purposeful, focused paragraphing. A native of Western Washington and an Alumni of the University of Washington (2002), Erik has spent more than a decade working and writing among UW students. When not tutoring or researching and writing his dissertation, Erik enjoys music (live concerts, listening and reviewing, DJing for UW's student-run station, Rainy Dawg Radio), fitness and sports, travel, and long, winding conversations.

Bo Johnson

*BO JOHNSON - Undergraduate Tutor

Bo is a senior double majoring in Communications and Comparative History of Ideas. He is most familiar with the research and writing processes related to the humanities. Bo is also a passionate creative writer; in 2013 he was awarded the Deborah Kaplan Memorial Award by the University of Washington’s Department of Communication for a piece of narrative journalism. Having spent four months studying abroad in Spain, Bo has a great interest in language in general. He is most interested in ensuring that ideas are being explored and communicated in a clear and direct fashion. In his free time, Bo enjoys going to the movies, reading, and running.

Charlie Jones

*CHARLIE JONES - Undergraduate Tutor

Charlie is a undergraduate majoring in English with an internal debate to minor or double major in Painting+Drawing. She has previously worked for three years in the Highline Writing Center. Her favorite parts of the Writing Process are brainstorming and molding supports for those brainstormed ideas. When not writing frantically or splattered in various kinds of paints, Charlie enjoys sampling a variety of fine-aged sarcasm, pathetic attempts at dancing, and an unhealthy obsession for old books.

Reagan Keller

REAGAN KELLER - Undergraduate Tutor

Reagan is currently an undeclared major, though the majority of his writing and research experience has been in the fields of Philosophy, Comparative Literature, and History. He has found his particular strengths to be seeking out and selecting sources for papers. Analyzing the way research is used to construct arguments fascinates him. Reagan's hobbies include going for walks, playing piano, and watching films.

Ron Keller

*RON KELLER - Undergraduate Tutor

A transfer to UW, Ron is pursuing a double degree in Linguistics and Philosophy. He worked as a GED tutor for a year, a philosophy and psychology tutor for just a quarter, and as a writing tutor at Highline Community College's writing center for two years before transfering to UW. His favorite stages at which to help writers are early brainstorming and the development of supporting evidence. When he's not studying or working in the OWRC or the Philosophy Writing Center, you can find him reading, exercising, having deep conversations, or listening to music.

James Kelley

JAMES KELLEY - Undergraduate Tutor

James is currently working toward figuring out what he wants to major in. The UW offers so many great fields of study, and he hopes to find something that is both challenging and fun. His favorite stage of the writing process is brainstorming ideas and then organizing them. James has experience in a wide variety of writing styles but enjoys working with personal statements. He hopes to take full advantage of his college experience by meeting new people, joining clubs, and studying abroad. In his free time, he likes to keep up with the news, enjoy time with friends and family, and go on exciting adventures.

Jessica Kim

*JESSICA KIM - Undergraduate Tutor

Jessica is a senior majoring in International Studies and English and minoring in Spanish. Her writing experiences are primarily of social sciences, literary analysis, and creative writing, but also extends to personal statements and career-related writings. Overall, she is great at grasping the general flow of a person's writing and helping them to develop thesis and evidence, and then organize and refine the writing. Believing that ideas best develop during conversations, she will listen and throw questions that help writers to better (re)approach their writing. Jessica loves to dance and sing when no one's watching, write poetry, travel, practice Spanish and Chinese, watch movies, attempt to make crafty things, and do spontaneous fun activities with friends.

Cali Kopczick

*CALI KOPCZICK - OWRC Assistant Director & Undergraduate Tutor

Cali Kopczick is a junior pursuing an English degree with a Creative Writing emphasis. In addition to her general analytical and creative writing experience, she loves helping writers show off the best of themselves in application materials. She has some experience in biology, and welcomes exposure to any discipline. (Bring her your odds and ends!) She loves having excited conversations with writers in any stage of the writing process, but especially loves the brainstorming and organizational stages. When not tutoring, she enjoys running, accumulating books she has no time to read, and putting either cinnamon or mustard on all her food.

Jacob Kovacs

JACOB KOVACS - OWRC Assistant Director & Undergraduate Tutor

Jacob is an Economics major and Geography minor, anticipating graduate study in conflict resolution and public policy. His interests include mediation, rhetoric, critical pedagogy, LGBT/human rights, health and environmental policy, web design, improv and classical violin. A transfer student from The Evergreen State College (no grades! no majors!), Jacob values the potential for tutoring sessions to serve as tiny, transient student-centered bubbles in the midst of a large school fraught with traditional power relations. While he's happy to consult for any writing project, Jacob most enjoys projects that are high-stakes and include elements of visual design, like resumes/CVs, personal statements, petitions, policy writing, blog posts, cathartic journaling, news submissions, and budget justifications.

Will Lace

*WILL LACE - Undergraduate Tutor

Will is a junior majoring in Medical Technology. While his primary focus is in the medical sciences, he is passionate about literature and music. His varied interests and experiences have given him experience in writing in the disciplines of literary analysis, scientific research, and professional documents such as personal statements. He loves to brainstorm with other writers and discuss the flow and structure of a paper and has an eye for detail, especially with regard to language and audience. In his spare time, Will enjoys traveling, good books, good company, and good music. He also has a soft spot for hot caffeinated beverages of all varieties.

Nathaniel Lohman

*NATHANIEL LOHMAN - Graduate Tutor

Nathaniel is currently completing his MPH in the Department of Global Health at UW and plans to continue on to medical school upon completion. As part of his studies, he spent two years in the Dominican Republic working as a teacher and health promoter. It was a great experience, but he is very excited to be back at UW. Although his academic background is in the biological sciences, Nathaniel has also dabbled in poetry, creative and expository writing -- and in all of these modes, he has particularly enjoyed the challenges of mapping out his thoughts before putting pen to paper. In his free time, Nathaniel likes riding bikes, reading, and planning his next adventures.

Nathan Magnusson


Nathan Magnusson is a PhD student in the Department of Germanics. His experiences as a writer have centered on literary analysis and the composition of argumentative essays. While he can certainly help students with all stages of the writing process, Nathan is particularly helpful with generating strong arguments, organization, and paragraphing. When not reading, thinking, and writing, he enjoys exploring Seattle, cooking, and traveling.

Teresa Makar

TERESA MAKAR - Undergraduate Tutor

Teresa is pursuing a double degree in Economics and Political Science. She has experience writing for the humanities, drafting resumes and cover letters, and utilizing the library and online databases for research. She especially enjoys reading and writing research papers, but she is happy to work with writers from across all disciplines and writing styles. Teresa loves helping others develop and refine their work in its later stages and enjoys helping people think of the best possible words to express their ideas on paper. In her free time, she enjoys playing cards and strategy board games, riding her bike, reading science fiction, and daydreaming.

Melanya Materne

MELANYA MATERNE - Graduate Tutor

Melanya has a bachelor's degree in English with honors from the University of Washington. She is currently enrolled in the University of Washington's Master's in Teaching program and preparing to start student-teaching at Nathan Hale High School. She has written and helped writers in a wide variety of genres, but she is most comfortable in the humanities. After working at the OWRC for three years, she has become well versed in helping writers at any stage of the writing process, but she is particularly good at pushing writers to deepen and strengthen their analysis of evidence. When she is not toiling in the mines of the College of Education, Melanya enjoys playing pub trivia, riding her bike, and going to the movies.

Mark McCarthy

MARK MCCARTHY - Undergraduate Tutor

Mark is a senior, completing majors in Comparative History of Ideas and American Indian Studies. His academic interests center on empowering individuals to develop more just and sustainable social structures. He enjoys academic writing, blogging on social and political issues, and writing fiction. This is Mark's fourth year working as a writing tutor. From formulating a logical argument (scaled to the assignment) and organizing the supporting evidence, to making choices of style and tone, Mark enjoys engaging with each writer's process, and encourages direct, muscular writing. "The most important part of writing is having something to say, and the courage to tell your truth." He has personally experienced much of Twentieth Century history—cultural knowledge that comes in handy. When not otherwise occupied, Mark enjoys following global politics and economics, preparing for law school, and researching local history for a novel about his settler and Salish ancestors' founding, or stealing, the town of Gig Harbor.

Harry Murphy

HARRY MURPHY - Research Librarian

Harry is the African, American Ethnic, and American Indian Studies Librarian. He is also a member of Odegaard Undergraduate Library's top-notch research librarian team. A Florida native, Harry received his Master of Science in Library Service from Columbia University in the City of New York. Harry also has a Master of Applied Social Sciences from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. As an undergraduate, Harry majored in History with a minor in Political Science. When he's off the clock, Harry enjoys films (especially SciFi), hiking, theater, all music, cycling, and stepping out on the court every now and then. He bleeds Yankee pinstripes, Seahawk blue, and FAMU orange and green.

Yen Nguyen

YEN NGUYEN - Graduate Tutor

Yen is currently a first year MHA (Masters in Health Administration) candidate. She got my B.S. in Biochemistry and two minors in Chemistry and Bioethics at UW -- GO HUSKYS! She is familiar with many different genres of writing, ranging from scientific research articles to personal statements to works of fiction. Most of her experience is in research papers, personal statements, and cover letters. As an immigrant from Vietnam, she is happy to assist international students/ESL/ELL students on their writing projects. She loves the brainstorming and developing processes. She thinks those are the most exciting and frustrating stages of the writing process. During her free time, she loves trying new restaurants/types of food, listening to music, and watching TED talks on Youtube.

Jeffrey Ou

JEFFREY OU - Undergraduate Tutor

Jeffrey is a Psychology and English double degree student fascinated with how language and psychology interact in unexpected ways. He has devoted his research time surveying attitudes towards the perception of risk with regards to natural hazards in the Pacific NorthWest and has been involved with the project early in its inception. Out of academia, he runs the RSO "Write Away!", a writing group on UW's campus, and actively writes fiction and poetry. He feels confident grasping numerous stages of the research process, and has experiences in writing for both the sciences or humanities. Outside of coursework, he loves to read, write, and game.

Joshuel Pahang

JOSH PAHANG - Undergraduate Tutor

Josh is currently a sophomore in Bioengineering and is preparing for a minor in Bioethics and Humanities. While his natural habitat lies in the sciences, he is enthralled by all fields of study, and wishes he could major in everything. Josh has experience in a variety of writing styles, and he is eager to be exposed to new genres as much as possible. While not talking with writers about their work, Josh spends his time cleaning graduated cylinders, wrapping athlete's ankles, and standing in awe of the wonders of everyday life.

Caitlin Palo

*CAITLIN PALO - OWRC Assistant Director & Graduate Tutor

Caitlin is a Ph.D. student in English. Her academic work focuses on the use of literary forms in what might now be called "personal narratives" in 18th Century British literature--including letters, diaries, religious apologies and confessions, and travel narratives. She is particularly interested in the ways these genres negotiate new ways of writing and the shifts in Britain's position in the global political-economy of the time. Outside of academic writing, Caitlin also has experience writing press releases, public letters, and op-eds, and has practiced strategies for writing these collaboratively. Caitlin particularly enjoys working on developing ideas to meet a prompt expectations, and the middle stage of revising to link subclaims, evidence, and ideas together to refine the argument of a paper. She is developing strategies and skills for making pickles; she enjoys bicycle commuting and container gardening. She is also trying to learn travis style guitar and improve her fiddling.

Deborah Pierce

DEBORAH PIERCE - Research Librarian & Tutor

Deborah is a reference and instruction librarian at Odegaard. Her background includes a MM in Musicology (aka the study of the history and literature of music) and a MS in Information Science along with 25 years as a music information specialist and educator. She is an armchair philosopher who has been described by peers to have the ability to find the weak link in any argument. She believes that life is a path of ongoing inquiry and learning and that writing is an important communication skill which can help us understand each other and ourselves. Her own research, teaching, and writings are in the areas of information literacy, adult education, musician wellness, and human potentials. Her interest in tutoring is to help you find your own voice to express your understanding and growth in your learning process. Deborah's true loves are singing, composing, cooking vegan delights, playing tai chi in nature, and hanging out with canine friends. See more about Deborah's research and writing here

Dillon Pruett

*DILLON PRUETT - Undergraduate Tutor

Dillon is a senior double majoring in Biology and Speech and Hearing Sciences. He is most familiar with research-oriented writing, but is comfortable with a variety of writing styles. He enjoys helping organize ideas into big-picture themes and emphasizes clarity when faced with complex explanations. Outside of class, Dillon worked in a pathology research lab for two years and currently works at the UWMC otolaryngology clinic. In his free time, Dillon serves as a Tribeta biology tutor and enjoys running as often as his knees permit.

Louise Richards

LOUISE RICHARDS - Assistant Director of Odegaard Undergraduate Library & Research Librarian

In addition to her responsibilities as Assistant Director of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Louise is a reference librarian whose subject specialties are Fisheries and Oceanography. She received a BA in English from the University of Washington, an MA in English Literature from the University of Chicago, then returned to the UW for her master's degree in Librarianship. She has worked as an academic librarian for 20 years and especially likes helping students use the library. In her spare time, Louise likes reading history, Chihuahuas, and the out-of-doors. To see Louise's libguide profile, visit this page.

Matt Rowe

MATT ROWE - Undergraduate Tutor

Matt is a sophomore working toward a degree in English and History in the interdisciplinary Honors program. He learned very quickly during his freshman year that writing papers on the fly did not lead to success, and accordingly he has found a thorough, thoughtful prewriting process to be essential. With that said, he enjoys working with students in every stage of the writing process, and loves watching their ideas take shape. During his free time, he enjoys playing sports, running, reading, and anything to do with Jennifer Lawrence.

Jacob Schear

*JACOB SCHEAR - Undergraduate Tutor

Jacob is a senior majoring in Geography. An avid reader, he is thrilled to be able to read and learn from all the diverse and amazing material writers bring through the doors of the OWRC. Jacob has primarily written for the social sciences and humanities, yet is comfortable and excited to work with any writer who comes in. The initial stages of a writing project are what he enjoys the most, especially working with writers to hash through their thoughts and ideas and turn their passion into powerful, effective writing. He also particularly enjoys helping writers with job applications, cover letters, personal statements, and persuasive essays. In his spare time Jacob likes to read, swim, play guitar, and listen to the Rolling Stones.

Savannah Stoehr

*SAVANNAH STOEHR - Undergraduate Tutor

Savannah is a sophomore currently double-majoring in Cinema Studies and Creative Writing. Enthusiastic about picking apart character arcs and narrative structure in order to find that linchpin of life, the mythic "so what?" Fiction is her strongest suit, but she's been known to write a mean essay now and again. She knows a little bit about a lot of things, so if you're willing to explain the finer points of your history paper or genetics research or what have you, then she can help you structure your argument and sound all smart and stuff. She has also both read and written more personal statements than she cares to acknowledge. Here to help at any stage of the writing process, but probably best in the development and refinement stages. She will ask you "Why?" so often it will cease to sound like a real word. Intent on becoming a screenwriter/director and making dumb superhero flicks in Hollywood. Don't ask her about Star Trek, X-Men, cinematography, or Michael Fassbender if you ever want her to shut up again.

Alexia Syrmos

ALEXIA SYRMOS - Undergraduate Tutor

Alexia is a junior majoring in Philosophy with a minor in French. Although she's partial to epistemology and metaphysics (especially the metaphysics of free will), she's always interested in learning about and exploring writing in different fields. Her favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming different arguments and potential directions that they can be taken. When she's not going through drafts of term papers, her interests include travel, reading, running and spending time with friends.

Griffin Taylor

GRIFFIN TAYLOR - Undergraduate Tutor

Griffin is a junior who loved Speech & Hearing Sciences and Linguistics so much that he decided to commit his life to studying them. Driven by his fascination for human language and passion for advancing the learning of his peers, he has developed lots of valuable experience helping others with their writing projects. His favorite times to assist are reviewing the near final draft as well as coming up with an initial thesis and outline: these milestones bookend a great essay. The nature of his experience with writing has helped him hone his skills best in research papers, analyzing sources to incorporate into an essay, French literary analysis, and speeches. In what spare time he has, he can be found running, listening to music, watching UW or Seahawks football, or spending time with his main squeeze. He plans to one day achieve his PHD and conduct his own research lab on child language development.

Holly Thorpe

HOLLY THORPE - Undergraduate Tutor

Holly is a Journalism major and aspiring English major. She has worked for The Daily, has interned with The Wenatchee World daily newspaper and has experience as a writer and editor. She enjoys working with writers to refine and clarify their work, that is, she enjoys helping them get their message through in their writing in the most effective way possible. She comes from Wenatchee, WA and loves writing, reading, hiking, and spending time with her dog.

Kirin Wachter-Grene


Kirin received her MA in Liberal Studies in 2009 from the Graduate Center, CUNY in New York City where she was also a professional editor. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English Literature and Culture at UW. From 2011 to 2013, she served as one of the Assistant Directors of the Expository Writing Program (EWP) for English 131. She has been a tutor for over a decade, working with a diverse population ranging from high-schoolers, to college students, grad students, and professional adults working in a variety of academic and non-academic genres. She has extensive experience working with writers on a wide variety of academic, professional, and personal writing tasks, but she especially loves working with argumentative, analytical essays, personal statements, and cover letters. Above all, she believes in helping writers strengthen their critical thinking skills as a means to apply those skills to their reading comprehension and writing development. Helping writers realize and articulate their argument, and develop that argument with comprehensive organizational support, evidence, and analysis is a highlight of her tutoring practice. On her days off, you can find her record shopping, going to shows, looking at art, traveling as much as possible, and running around loving life.

Elizabeth Wiley

ELIZABETH WILEY - Undergraduate Tutor

Elizabeth is pursuing undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and the Comparative History of Ideas. She is interested in counterculture movements and people facing marginalization and how music is used as a means of expressing dissent by and for these groups. Most of her writing has been in the humanities and social sciences, but she has dabbled in writing in other areas of study. She is interested in helping writers work on strategies for paper organization and clarity and helping them understand their potential as individual writers. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys listening to and playing music, as well as traveling and experiencing as much of the world as possible.

Jane Wong

JANE WONG - Graduate Tutor

Jane is a doctoral student in English Literature at UW and holds a MFA in Poetry from the University of Iowa. At the University of Iowa, she taught Rhetoric and Creative Writing and misses her students dearly. She tutored at Bard College's writing center for three years and has lead poetry workshops for high schools students across the country. She loves talking to writers about their ideas and believes in clear, elegant writing. In her spare time, you'll find her roaming the city for cheap eats, leaving poems by your door, or carefully folding laundry.

Abby Yeo

*ABBY YEO - Undergraduate Tutor

Abby studies Political Science, but has experience in International Studies and Economics. She feels most at home when working with expository or persuasive papers in their middle and later stages because she likes helping writers with their organization, fluency, and clarity; however, she’s interested in working on whatever you’ve got! She appreciates movies, especially dramas and tragedies, and comedy TV shows. Other interests include photography, music, and dogs.

Huanshu Yuan

HUANSHU YUAN - Graduate Tutor

Huanshu is a second year PhD student majoring in Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. She is most familiar with writing in the fields of Education, ESL instruction, and cross cultural studies. She is an experienced Chinese TA, ESL teacher, translator, and English tutor. Huanshu feels she could be most helpful to writers during the brainstorming and developing stages of the writing process. She enjoys assisting students to receive academic achievements and is particularly experienced in working with international students -- especially on personal statements for graduate school applications. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling as well as serving as a translator.

Yunfei Zhao

YUNFEI ZHAO - Undergraduate Tutor, Targeted Tutoring Coordinator

Yunfei is pursuing a Communication major and an Education, Learning, and Society minor. Although he has had frequent instruction and practice in writing academic research papers in this environment, he still prefers working with writers on personal statements and cover letters. He looks forward to the challenge of working with writers working in many different genres. No matter what stage an essay is at -- brainstorming to revising -- Yunfei believes that conversations with tutors help writers come up with many new ideas. An international student, Yunfei was born in Tianjin, China; he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. In his spare time, he loves playing table tennis, hanging out with friends, and (best of all) photography.