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Getting the Most Out of Your Session


* Materials related to the writing project you're currently working on. Any drafts, notes, comments from earlier readers, the assignment prompt (if there is one), or source material (readings) you’re working with can help our tutors understand your writing situation. These may be in hard copy (printed) or digital -- we are happy to use either.

* Your writing – or no writing. We can help at any stage. Bring what you have, but don’t be afraid to come even if you don’t have anything but questions.

* Openness, flexibility, and energy. The writing session only works if you are an active participant. Be open and willing to talk through your ideas, goals, and difficulties!

Other Things You Need to Know:

* Come on Time! The writing center gets busy. If you are more than ten minutes late to your session, we may give your session away to another waiting writer. When you arrive, take a seat at one of the tables in front of the orange counter. Because our sessions run back-to-back, our tutors are likely helping another writer and will be right over to help you once they’re done.

* Book early and often. Leave yourself time to make changes. Appointments often fill up 2 weeks in advance.

* If you have to cancel, you must do so more than 2 hours in advance of your appointment time in order to avoid future-booking penalties. After 3 "no-shows" or belated cancellations in a year, a user is banned from the system. Please respect our tutors and other writers who would like to work with us by making full use of the sessions you reserve.