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English Language Support

One-to-One Support with Our English Language Specialist

Do you have a question about writing or grammar? Come to English Language Support Hour at the OWRC. Our language specialist is here to answer questions through brief conversation. Spring Quarter times are Thursdays, 1:30-3:00 pm in Odegaard 121. Come and talk to us!

One-to-One Support with Our Peer Tutors

Our peer tutors provide a friendly, non-judgmental, supportive environment for English Language Learners, International Students, and Multilingual Writers.

OWRC tutors are not language teachers or grammar experts, and therefore cannot edit or proofread papers for students. However, they can help writers

Weekly Group Tutoring with Our Peer Tutors: TLCs

Our Targeted Learning Communities (TLCs) are weekly group tutoring sessions with our peer tutors. For more information, see our TLC page.