Sending images to UW Medicine

Step 1:

Outside facility completes UW Medicine transfer webform It requires a site login key for access.  Please contact George Cua or Jeff Farr at 206-744-5928 or email to establish a site key.

*Intended Destination- Choose the correct destination images need to go to.  This will ensure that your images go to the proper fileroom. Not providing the correct destination may delay the transfer of images.

Step 2:

Outside facility pushes images to UW Medicine via VPN or other vendor specific products.

Reports will need to be faxed to the intended destinations.

University of Washington- 206-598-8797

Harborview Medical Center- 206-744-6377

Northwest Hospital- 206-368-1398

Regional Heart Center- 206-598-4669

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance-206-288-6567

UW Neighborhood Clinics- 206-598-8797


Sending via LifeIMAGE:


For facilities that do not have a connection to UW Medicine call the fileroom in which you are sending images to.  A link via lifeIMAGE will be sent to you to upload images.


LifeIMAGE one time sender account information-



For facilities that do not have a connection to UW Medicine you have the option to use eMix.


Sending Images to UW Medicine Healthcare System via eMix

(UWMC, Harborview, Northwest Hosp, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, UW Neighborhood Clinics, RHC)

1.       Using Internet Explorer, go to Requires Java v7 update 55. You may be prompted to download this Java version. There is NO COST to the sending hospital to use this service.


2.       Click Start Sending. Pop up window below appears.

3.       Select Healthcare Professional. Review Terms of  Use and BAA for first time users.

4.       Click I Agree.

5.       Insert CD/DVD in CD/DVD tray.

6.       Click “Upload Images”

7.       You will see this status bar


8.       Click next.


9.       Fillout all the requested information. Click next.



10.   Click Next. Click Next again.

Do not navigate away from the Image upload status bar until upload is 100% complete and you are now on a receipt window.

Fileroom contact phone numbers


University of Washington- 206-598-6206

Harborview Medical Center- 206-744-3109

Northwest Hospital- 206-368-1748 

Regional Heart Center- 206-598-4300

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance-206-288-1438

UW Neighborhood Clinics- 206-598-6206