GE Centricity PACS 4.0.3 Workstation

New Features and Enhancements


1.       New Workstation Skins: Lights On and Lights Off

         Lights On used in lighted rooms, with additional features such as a color change or monochrome shade change in UI when hovering over or selecting UI elements.

         Lights Off Used in dark rooms.


2.       NAVIGATOR  - The Navigator helps the user manage how you select an image series and where to load it for display. From the Navigator you can quickly select an image series from the primary exam, a comparison exam, or historical exams for the same patient and then select the monitor and region where you can load and display the image series.

         Navigator Timeline contains a list of exams for the same patient. This is similar to the Comp hot zone menu.

         Navigator Thumbnail Strip provides a thumbnail view of each image series for an exam. Displays horizontally across the right side of the Navigator.

         Navigator Snap Tool a grid that displays on each thumbnail of a Navigator thumbnail strip. The snap tool shows all the diagnostic monitors for a workstation and the current layout of the regions for each monitor.




3.       Dynamic Image Grouping From the Navigator you can dynamically change the image grouping for an exam. With a click of a button you can quickly and easily regroup an exam from a DICOM Series grouping to a Parameters grouping or from Parameters to DICOM series. The new image group is applied immediately to the exam thumbnail strip on the Navigator and in the Series Hot Zone menu, too. This dynamic image grouping allows you to change the image grouping for a single exam without having to apply the change to all exams of the same modality from the Utilities palette.

Dynamic grouping is a temporary change. The image grouping defined in the user preference on the Utilities palette is restored once the exam is closed.


4.       Quickly Saving a Presentation State (Available at HMC after Jan 26, 2014) Helps the user save a presentation state quickly and easily.

         Clicking the new Quick Save Presentation State button from the function bar.

         Using a keyboard shortcut. Alt + G.

         When using the quick save option, the Save Presentation States dialog box does not display. Instead, the Centricity Workstation creates a system-generated  label and description for the presentation state.



5.       Minimizing the Workstation Application There is now a second way to minimize the Workstation application. In addition to the existing method of accessing the workstation function bar, right clicking and selecting "Minimize", the user can also click the minimize button on the workstation title bar.                   


6.       Filtering Cancelled Exams from the Patient Jacket

         Cancelled exams without images or PACS reports can now be filtered from the patient exam list on the Patient Jacket.


7.       Changes to Folders, Folder Classes and Folder Formats (Available at HMC after Jan 26, 2014)

         Searching a Blank ALL EXAMS Folder


8.       RA1000 Field Size Enhancements: Increased Text Length of Two Report Palette Fields

         In the Report Palette, The reason for exam and order comments text fields used to be limited to 256 characters.

         Both text fields can now display 2000 Characters.


9.       Support for more Exam Procedure Codes Previously the maximum is 32,767 exam procedure codes. Limit has been increased to 2 billion.