Viewing PACS and Accessing Imagecast
with a Macintosh Computer

There are two new icons in your Dock. The Cisco VPN client (marked "cisco") and the Parallels Desktop icon right next to it.  Most of the time you will need to use the VPN in order to access PACS and ImageCast, so start that first.

1. Start up the Cisco VPN Client.
    a. Click on the Cisco Icon in the Dock
    b. Click Connect
    c. Enter your AMC username and password (Same as Mindscape)

2. Start up Parallels Desktop
    a. Click the Parallels Icon in the Dock
    b. Click on the power button in the virtual machine list next to "RadWin XP"
    c. At the Windows Login screen, click on your name

After you are logged into Windows, your screen will look almost exactly the same as your normal Macbook desktop. The important difference is that now the Parallels icon in your Dock will act like the Start button on a Windows desktop.

3. Run Imagecast to read or sign reports
    a. Click on the Parallels icon in the Dock
    b. Select the Internet (Internet Explorer) icon
    c. From the PACShelp homepage click on the ImageCast Live link in the left hand column.

4. Run Centricity PACS
    a. Click on the Parallels icon in the Dock
    b. Select the CENTRICITY icon (If you don't see it go to All Programs->CENTRICITY)

5. When you are done with ImageCast and Centricity
    a. Close all ImageCast windows and/or shut down the Centricity program
    b. Click on the Parallels icon in the Dock
    c. Select "Turn Off Computer"
    d. When the virtual machine has shut down, quit Parallels Desktop and Cisco VPN Client.