Merging an Unspecified Exam





Look up your patient:



Open Utilities



Select the Exam Manager tab



Log in to Exam Manager with your PACS User ID and password.


 Select  . (This should be the default selection.)






Unverify the images (if in verified status) to allow merging. 


Select the unspecified images and matching exam:

Source (top) the images that are unspecified.

Destination (bottom) the accession number where you want the images


Click  (Merge Exam) Note the Image count under destination.  This is where your images will be moved.



Click   (Commit to)




Before you click Yes, BE SURE they are going to the correct destination.



Go to Imagecast, Pt Rec/Results.  Look up the exam (by ACC is the easiest), and  the report. 


This updates the status in PACS