PACS 3.2.2


New Features and Fixes



         Size Synchronization allows synchronizing onscreen images (except MG) that were acquired at different resolutions, field of view, etc.

         Size synch is found under the Connect   button on the Title Bar when displaying images

         With size synch turned on and series linked, the icon   to synch the linked group shows in the Title Bar.  Toggling this will turn on/off group synching.


         To set size synch to occur automatically for linked regions:

o       Under Utilities --> Preferences --> Display Preferences  under Size Synch

Select a modality and check to enable auto size synch





         Stack Synch is designed to skip non-matching images so only the matching images display.  This can cause images to be skipped.  This shouldn't be enabled if skipping images while viewing series isn't acceptable and is disabled by default.  If this is desired, stack synch can be turned on under Utilities --> Preferences --> Display Preferences under Display Options:




If enabled, there are additional alerts that can be turned off (the default setting is on) under Utilities --> Preferences --> System Preferences under DDP Alert:




         Keyboard Shortcuts tab under Utilities --> Tool Preferences for assigning functions or seeing a system pre-defined keystroke combination.  Status icons indicate if  the shortcut is user or system:


 User defined                 System defined



         Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) to allow for deleting exams that meet site criteria   

         The exam deleted icon   will display in the Online column on the Worklist if deleted





         Window level issue:  CT exams aren't restoring W/L values; the display appears brighter than the acquired state.

         With several exams open, when a user performs a cine (manual or auto) on an image region, images in the other region disappear. This is caused by memory management of the loaded images.